CLDF General Committee discusses PPCUB

CLDF General Committee discusses PPCUB
CLDF General Committee discusses PPCUB

Specialists, technicians from the Government of the Federal District and representatives of civil society will participate, on Thursday (4), at 3 pm, in the Legislative Chamber, in a General Committee that will inaugurate a series of debates on the Complementary Bill sent by the Executive proposing the approval of the Preservation Plan for the Brasília Urban Complex (PPCUB). The meeting was proposed by deputy Paula Belmonte (Citizenship), president of the House Inspection, Governance, Transparency and Control Committee.

Belmonte emphasizes that the process of reviewing and updating the PPCUB must be transparent and participatory, involving civil society, government bodies and professionals in the field. “Democratic participation is essential to ensure that the plan reflects the interests and needs of the community, promoting inclusive and sustainable urban development”, highlights the district.

For the deputy, Brasília’s urban development must occur in a sustainable manner, taking into account the city’s listing, which is a Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity. “A General Committee opens up a space for dialogue and community participation, allowing the various actors involved in the topic to express their opinions, present proposals and contribute to decision-making”, she reinforces.

PPCUB aims to preserve and enhance the capital’s historical and cultural heritage, ensuring the maintenance of the unique characteristics of the original project. The proposal also highlights that the city has an architectural and urban wealth that needs to be protected for future generations, ensuring the continuity of its identity and memory.

The following are confirmed to be part of the debate table: Marcelo Vaz Meira da Silva, Secretary of Urban Development and Housing (Seduh); Cláudio Abrantes, Secretary of Culture and Creative Economy (Secec); Tiago Perpétuo, superintendent of the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute of DF (Iphan); Ivelise Longhi, architect and urban planner, manager of the Citizenship Technical Commission of the Council for Economic, Sustainable and Strategic Development of the DF (Codese); Paulo Castelo Branco, president of the Historical and Geographic Institute (IHGDF) and Vera Ramos, architect and urban planner, director of Cultural Heritage at the Historical and Geographic Institute (IHGDF).


General Committee of the Preservation Plan for the Urban Complex of Brasília – PPCUB

Date: April 4th (Thursday)

Hour: 3pm

Local: Plenary of the Legislative Chamber (CLDF)

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