Man suffers attempted murder, is shot in the head and remains in serious condition in AC


The attempted murder took place on Tuesday night, 2nd, in the Raimundo Melo neighborhood, on Rua Edmundo Pinto, in Rio Branco (AC).

According to information provided by the victim’s friend, known as Ney, the two were talking when two unidentified men approached and fired two shots at Athus Vinicius Villela Aguiar, 31, who was shot in the head and still managed to run for a few meters before falling to the ground, bleeding profusely.

The criminals, after firing the shots, fled across a bridge that gives access to Avenida Antônio da Rocha Vianna.

Upon seeing his friend in agony, the other boy asked the neighbors for help, who went out to see what had really happened.

People called the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu), which sent ambulance 01 for advanced support. Upon arriving at the scene and seeing the severity of the victim, rescuers placed the boy inside the ambulance to stabilize the victim. The young man was intubated and taken to the Rio Branco Emergency Room.

Military police officers from the third battalion gathered information and went out in an attempt to arrest the pair of criminals. Civil Police from Ready Employment and Personal Protection were also at the scene, collecting information from witnesses to begin investigations.

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