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Government of RN grants operating license to 3R Petroleum

Photo credit: Sandro Menezes – Assecom
Governor Fátima Bezerra received directors from 3R Petroleum this Tuesday (02)

Governor Fátima Bezerra received leaders from 3R Petroleum this Tuesday (02) to renew the operational license of the Guamaré Waterway Terminal, including a new activity for supplying vessels.

“This is a pioneering initiative in Rio Grande do Norte and the Northeast and will bring more ICMS revenue, in addition to contributing to the economic development of the State”, said the governor.

The general manager of Surface Installation at 3R Petroleum, Humberto Romanus, highlighted the importance of environmental and operational licensing released by the State Institute for Sustainable Development and Environment (Idema-RN).

“We took the opportunity to receive from Governor Fátima Bezerra the license for us to develop the “bunker oil” activity, which is a vessel supply activity that 3R will begin to develop in a state that did not exist before, and which is very relevant to the issue of Rio Grande do Norte”, said Luiz Barbosa, Environment Manager at 3R.

The general director of Idema-RN, Werner Farkatt, said that the partnership with the State also attracts resources that come with the State, employment, income, so that was the main scope of the meeting. “3R will be able to supply ships, any type of ship that travels along the coast, or certain types of ships that travel along the coast, will be able to supply with this fuel produced in Rio Grande Norte,” he said.

According to Farkatt, this is where the prior discussion with the control bodies, and with the federal environmental bodies themselves, came from. “Idema, in this case, incorporated this licensing process that it already had, so it incorporated this activity and is bringing to Rio Grande Norte something that is unprecedented, because the closest we have to this is in Pernambuco, but it is a model that is made in the Earth’s crust.”

The 3R Maritime Terminal is located in the municipality of Guamaré, on the coast of Costa Branca or Salineira. Currently, only eight states supply vessels (Rio Grande do Sul, Paraná, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, Maranhão, Pará and Amazonas).

Another important point is the location in relation to ship traffic, which becomes quite strategic for ships on the coast. The supply of vessels will take place in the anchorage area, making this operation highly relevant for the state, due to the state’s strategic location, being able to serve the most diverse vessels.

In addition to those already mentioned, the following also participated in the meeting: Mauricio Diniz, Director of Operations; Pedro Cecchi, general manager of Institutional Relations; Luiz Barbosa, Environment Manager; Larissa Dantas, Institutional Relations manager; Jane Araújo (SEFAZ), Hugo Fonseca, coordinator of Energy Development (SEDEC); Auricélio Costa (Semarh), Silvio Torquato (SEDEC) and Luiz Marinho (PGE).

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