Announcements and investments mark SC governor’s agenda


The governor of Santa Catarina, Jorginho Mello, started the week with an important agenda in the city of Blumenau, in the Itajaí Valley, where he made announcements and millionaire transfers for works, disaster prevention and sporting events.

Announcements and investments mark the SC governor’s agenda in Blumenau – Photo: Roberto Zacarias/ND Reproduction

On Monday (2), Jorginho started the agenda with a visit to the works and revitalization of the Blumenau Regional Airport, known as Quero-Quero. At the opportunity, he took the opportunity to transfer an additional R$2.8 million for nighttime marking at the site.

The state government had already transferred R$7 million to revitalize the runway and another R$2.5 million to fence the airport. With the new resources invested, the structure will be able to operate at night, also facilitating the reception of organs for transplants carried out in the city.

Governor spoke about new negotiations and made millionaire transfers

Continuing with the agenda in Blumenau, this Tuesday morning (2), Jorginho Mello visited the Sesi Complex. Metropolitano and BEC (Blumenau Esporte Clube) dream of acquiring the site through purchase or rent to compete in Series B of the Catarinense Championship.

During the visit, Jorginho said that the state is in negotiations with Fiesc (Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina), which owns the complex. The discussion involves land located in Joinville.

“We are in conversation with President Fiesc, we have another piece of land in Joinville that we are exchanging. So the evaluation of this land here is being carried out carefully and the evaluations there in Joinville so that we can find a price, so that we can continue the negotiation”, he explained.

Jorginho also commented that the state intends to hand over the complex to the city of Blumenau and that it will continue negotiations to make this transition.

Blumenau received funds for disaster prevention

After the visit to the Sesi Complex, the governor was present at Blumenau City Hall, where he signed two contracts with the mayor of Blumenau, Mário Hildebrandt, and BRDE (Banco Regional de Desenvolvimento do Extremo Sul), which aims at long-term financing , which allows important investments.

The first, of R$50 million, is allocated to technical studies, drainage works, macro-drainage, slope containment and disaster prevention in risk areas.

State Government transfers R$68 million – Photo: Moises Stuker/NDTV

Streets covered by macrodrainage:

  • Santa Efigênia Street
  • Maceió Street
  • Heinrich Hosang Street
  • Neptune Street
  • Rua Maestro Francisco Baumgarten

The second contract, worth R$17 million, will be used to support projects in the area of ​​urban mobility, with paving and qualification of roads, drainage and road signage.

Streets that will be paved

  • September 2nd Street
  • Rua das Missões
  • Brazil Avenue
  • June 11th Street
  • Rua Boaventura Amorim

Resources allocated to Jesc and Parajasc

Jorginho Mello also donated resources to the 40th edition of Jesc (Santa Catarina School Games) and Parajasc (Santa Catarina Parasports Games).

The governor confirmed during the signing that the competitions will take place in Blumenau. The transfer of R$700,000 will be allocated to Parajasc, while the amount of R$400,000 will be allocated to Jesc.

Jorginho participated in meetings at Acib and Furb

At around 4pm this Tuesday (2), Jorginho Mello and secretaries were present at the panel “The New Economy of Santa Catarina”, held in the Acib auditorium (Business Association of Blumenau), located in the Vorstadt neighborhood.

On the occasion, the governor and secretaries gave an overview of actions in highways, security, dams, technology and innovation, as well as data on industry, commerce and services.

On that occasion, the president of Acib, Christiane Buerger, handed the governor a document with requests from the association and its 900 members for the demands presented.

Panel “The New Economy of Santa Catarina” was held in the Acib auditorium – Photo: Roberto Zacarias/ND ReproductionPanel “The New Economy of Santa Catarina” was held in the Acib auditorium – Photo: Roberto Zacarias/ND Reproduction

Closing his schedule in Blumenau, Jorginho was at Furb (Regional University of Blumenau), where academics will participate in the Blumenau Stage of the Free University Circuit, Santa Catarina Even better.

The circuit aims to present data from the program, as well as show students its importance for the development of Higher Education in Santa Catarina. Created by Acafe (Santa Catarina Association of Educational Foundations), the circuit will cover all regions of the State.

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