Man is shot dead and another is stabbed in Atalaia


On the afternoon of this Tuesday, 2nd, the Fire Department (CBM/AL) and the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) were called to respond to an incident with two victims injured, with a firearm and a bladed weapon, in Atalaia , interior of Alagoas.


Dead victim was found in a vegetation-covered area, by locals

According to information from CBM/AL, the address was Rua Nova Olinda. At the scene, the Military Police informed rescuers that the victim injured by stab wounds had already been rescued by an ambulance from the city hall.

The other victim, shot in the head with a gunshot, was found dead.

Both boys were dressed in black shirts, printed shorts and sandals. The victim who died was also wearing a black cap.

Victims were lying on the ground and bloodied.

O Alagoas24Horas contacted the 4th Independent Military Police Company (4th CPM/I) which confirmed the case, but did not provide any details about the dynamics of the crimes. He only informed that, at this moment, searches are being carried out for the suspects.

It was also not known which health unit the surviving victim was taken to.

Videos of the crime scene circulate on social media; a region with vegetation, where the victims appear lying on the ground, very bloody. In the strong images – which we chose not to show out of respect for the victims and our readers – the men are identified by popular people as: “Nego” or “Chapadão” and the other as “Wendel”.

The expectation is that the Scientific Police will be called, to carry out expertise and collect the body, and the Civil Police, to begin investigations.

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