Sergipe will have a housing complex with an airstrip

Sergipe will have a housing complex with an airstrip
Sergipe will have a housing complex with an airstrip

The beauties of Sergipe are increasingly delighting investors from other regions. And the newest one to fall in love with the state is the company SIG IN, from Minas Gerais, which through Terra Nova Ecobusiness, a company from the GA Ambiental Group, will bring the Aircraft Eco Park Residence project to the North of Sergipe. Have you ever imagined having your aircraft in your garage? This is just one of the benefits that the housing complex will offer.

The Aircraft Eco Park Residence is an aeronautical project made up of condominiums with individual hangars, commercial and institutional hangars, runways for executive aircraft, leisure areas, sports areas, a marina and much more. The real estate complex will also have a commercial area, with emphasis on maintenance companies and the sale of aircraft parts, and an aeronautical school.

All this in a paradisiacal location, a peninsula located in the northern region of the state, made up of beautiful rivers, surrounded by lots of greenery, and which is, at the same time, close to the capital of Sergipe.

The project arises from SIG IN’s understanding that a region with such economic importance for the country must have an audacious, sophisticated project with all the necessary infrastructure for those who wish to have quality of life, live surrounded by natural beauty, and who use executive aircraft as the main means of transport for corporate daily life.

Keep pace with the Law

And knowing that such a grand project needs to be legally supported, fulfilling all the requirements required by environmental laws and standards, such as the preservation of native vegetation, fauna and flora, the entire process for environmental licensing of the project is being carried out by the GA Group Environmental, a reference in Brazil when it comes to licensing areas considered sensitive or paradisiacal.

“This is our operational expertise, and rest assured that we are taking all necessary care with regard to compliance with current environmental prerogatives. We have a highly qualified multidisciplinary team, as our aim is to make Sergipe increasingly stand out on the national scene, and for ventures like Aircraft to generate dividends for the state, and employment and income for our population”, declares Gabriela Almeida, president of the GA Ambiental Group.

The choice for Sergipe

Sergipe arrived on SIG IN’s radar through the work of Terra Nova Ecobusiness, a GA Group company that manages intelligent and strategic environmental businesses, aiming to generate connections and opportunities for Sergipe. The topography, proximity to other states in the region, and strategic location contributed to the investor’s choice.

“The project has a wealth of opportunities and possibilities for unprecedented economic and social development for Sergipe, the Northeast, and Brazil”, emphasizes Terra Nova Business Director, Humberto Paschke.

The company Goiás Aviação, which has already shown interest in being part of the project, explains that due to the aeronautical structure, the Aircraft Eco Park Residence will boost aviation in the Brazilian Northeast. The project will feature a properly regulated 1,800-meter runway, as well as an aeronautical workshop for aircraft repairs and refueling.

“We have several reasons to believe in the success of the project, and some of them are closely linked to tourism, commerce, services and excellent housing. All these aspects, together, will make Sergipe a reference place for housing with quality of life, and viability for business. Where excellent infrastructure arrives, growth is inevitable”, predicts Humberto Paschke.

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