Thousand Women Project completes courses and trains women in DF

Thousand Women Project completes courses and trains women in DF
Thousand Women Project completes courses and trains women in DF

Partnership between the Government of the Federal District (GDF) and the Federal Institute of Brasília (IFB), the Thousand Women Project should conclude, this April, courses for elderly caregivers and receptionists. With the certificates in hand, the women taking part in the training hope to return to the job market and transform their reality.

The initiative, which is coordinated by the Federal District Women’s Secretariat (SMDF), offers free professional training to 180 women in vulnerable situations. Participants also receive aid for student assistance, proportional to their workload and monthly class attendance.

The Women’s Secretary, Giselle Ferreira, argues that the training offered by Mulheres Mil is a form of welcome for them, as well as a tool to combat gender inequality.

“Our goal is to welcome women in all their needs. Partnerships like these are important so that training is carried out in accordance with market demands, which is a crucial part of promoting inclusion and economic autonomy. This allows these women to develop skills and competencies that make them more prepared to face the challenges of the job market”, highlights the portfolio holder.

The first classes started the course on February 19th, ending on April 25th. Registration for the new phase of the project will open at the end of the month, days before the start of the new training cycle, on May 2nd.

Classes take place from Monday to Friday morning, in public facilities at the Women’s Secretariat, both at the Casa da Mulher Brasileira (CMB) in Ceilândia, and at Empreende Mais Mulher, a space located at the worker’s agency in Taguatinga.

Strengthening and autonomy

In addition to the technical subjects focused on the area of ​​activity, the course content includes notions of entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills and Women’s Rights. Topics that, in addition to professionalization, guarantee training focused on citizenship.

“This is a program that focuses on the female gender – cis and trans women, in a vulnerable state, can take the course. And it’s not that women themselves are vulnerable, but they are in the process of becoming vulnerable. Whether due to violence, the issue of lower income, or access to education, which was often not offered at the right time”, explains Nilzélia Oliveira, representative of the course coordination at IFB.

According to her, the focus of the program is “to provide opportunities for these women to return to the job market feeling confident and empowered.”

For Vânia Guimarães de Sousa, aged 40, the course represents an opportunity for renewal and maturity, after a difficult period of loss in the family.

“I was experiencing grief, after losing my parents, and the classes are helping me a lot. I’m creating a lot of expectations, I feel prepared to go back to work. The doors are open, I received three job offers. I’m just waiting for the certificate,” she says.

New chance

Another student in the class, Tatiane Pires, 25, is very satisfied with the course. After having to interrupt her studies for financial reasons, what most attracted her to training in caring for the elderly was the possibility of returning to work in the health sector.

“I think the elderly care course is wonderful. What motivated me was having so many disciplines linked to healthcare. But besides that, they are great subjects. I highly recommend it, and I have even encouraged other people to participate.”

The Mulheres Mil program was established more than 12 years ago, with a significant impact on the lives of many students. In this edition, the difference is that the project no longer has a regional character and started to receive registrations from different administrative regions, according to the manager of the Women’s Training space at CMB in Ceilândia, Heldane Araújo.

“We have students here from Ceilândia – Centro, P Sul, P Norte –, Samambaia and Águas Lindas de Goiás. The radius we are embracing is getting bigger and bigger. I tell them: you will take a new path in your life, and open doors for other women who are also in the same situation, so that they can also become stronger.”

Opportunities for them

The Thousand Women Project is part of an extensive group of initiatives aimed at women developed by the GDF. It is part of the Economic Autonomy axis of action, led by the SMDF sub-secretariat for the Promotion of Women.

With several programs, projects and actions developed, the initiatives aim to promote the inclusion of women in the job market, in addition to including welcoming, support and training actions for employability, entrepreneurship and income generation.

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