registration and requirements for free license

registration and requirements for free license
registration and requirements for free license

The program CNH Social Acre released around 5 thousand vacancies for residents of the state, distributed in 22 municipalities.

Offering vacancies for the low-income population, the program CNH Social Acre offers to obtain the first license, change or add category for freewith the aim of ensure inclusion, citizenship It is job generations in the state of Acre.

The social inclusion program CNH Social Acre is the largest in the history of the Acre State Traffic Department, it was established in 2022when it benefited more than two thousand people. Enlarged, the CNH Social Acre will answer 20 thousand citizens until the end of 2026being five thousand in each year.

All the Acreans can sign up in the program CNH Social Acrehowever, the Detran – Acre system takes into account some criteria for selection. Applications that meet certain requirements will be considered valid and one of the requirements is to be registered in the Single Registry of Social Programs (CadÚnico) of federal government.

To carry out the data crossingDetran – Acre had the partnership of secretariats in Social Assistance and Human Rights (Seasdh) and Education and Sports (SEE).

Who can sign up for the CNH Social Acre program?

  • Have more than 18 years deity;
  • to know read and write;
  • Reside in the state of Acre;
  • To have Regularized CPF;
  • To have active registration as holder or dependent at the CadÚnico for at least 6 months;

Furthermore, the rules to the CNH Social Acre free require that the citizen choose a format of the program, since Detran – Acre defines 3 modalities in free driver’s license.

What are the free modalities on the CNH Social Acre?

  • Student Driver’s License: program for people between 18 and 25 years old what studied all the High school in public schools in Acre;

  • Urban CNH: program for residents of city areas;

  • Rural CNH: program for residents of rural areas;

The Acre State Traffic Department still defines vacancies for PCD citizens. Detran – Acre defined 5% of vacancies for people with disabilities and special needs.

What are the dates for the CNH Social AC 2024?

Detran – Acre release the calendar according to the resource availability.

The Acre Social CNH schedule release the registrations in between may and Junemaking the selection at second half of the year to fill vacancies. Either way, it’s worth it keep an eye in the updates from the Detran of Acre.

How to sign up for the CNH Social program?

  • Enter the Detran – Acre website;
  • Access the program CNH Social Acre;
  • Report the data according to the chosen modality;

The citizen can also to accompany the process of enrollment, accessing the website and providing the CPF for check status.

after the end of processO Detran do Acre releases the complete list of all those approved.

It is important to remember that the selection of candidates is made in accordance with the weight of criteriataking into account the main needssince the biggest point of the program is to bring the possibility of CNH Social Acre for audiences with more shortcomings.

What will the CNH Social AC process be like?

The selected candidates need to go in person at the counter Detran – Acre for make official registration by delivering the documents and giving start of the process. The State Department of Transit of Acre (Detran – Acre) what defines the school for the CFC and the dates.

For those who were selected and do not appear at the Detran – Acre service counter you will lose your place. Then, the system opens a new selection to fill the remaining vacancies and complete the entire offer.

What documents do I need to take to the Detran – Acre Customer Service Desk?

  • Registration passport (original and copy);
  • Proof of residence (original and copy);
  • Identification document with photo (original and copy);
  • CPF (original and copy);

Which Detran – Acre address should I go to?

  • Those selected from Rio Branco must attend the Detran Qualification Unitlocated at the address Avenida Ceará, nº 3059, Jardim Nazle neighborhoodwith the necessary documentation;
  • Those selected from the interior of the statemust appear at the Regional Traffic District (Ciretran) local, with the necessary documentation;

Those selected residing in cities where there is no Detran representationmust request opening your processes by email [email protected], attaching the required documentation in notice.

What fees will be exempt on the CNH Social AC?

  • Physical and mental fitness exams;

  • Category addition;

  • Category change;

  • License to learn to drive a vehicle (LADV);

  • Permission to drive A or B;

  • Theoretical-technical and practical driving course;

  • Regarding the exemption from paying driver’s license renewal fees;

The registration period for the CNH Social Acre program is always publicized on the Detran – Acre website, as well as on social networks and in local media outlets, such as radio and TV.

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