Jorginho postpones announcement of the purchase of Sesi in Blumenau and includes Joinville in the deal


The expected official announcement has not yet come. During a visit to the Sesi Complex in Blumenau this Tuesday morning (2), governor Jorginho Mello (PL) reiterated that the State is interested in helping the mayor to municipalize the space, but avoided giving deadlines for carrying out the operation.

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In an interview, as soon as he arrived at Sesi, Jorginho said that the government has been negotiating with Fiesc. And he revealed that a new alternative to make the business viable was put on the table.

The implementation would involve an exchange. According to Jorginho, Fiesc is interested in a property in Joinville. The idea is to give this area to reduce the value of Sesi — stipulated at R$31.3 million. From what the column found, this space should be worth less. Financial compensation would still be necessary to complete the amount.


The idea of ​​municipalizing Sesi is old. In 2005, when the current Secretary of Tourism of Blumenau, Marcelo Greuel, was president of the Municipal Sports Foundation (FMD), the matter had already come to light. In this decade, the issue came up again after Sesi’s decision to no longer rent the stadium for professional football, leaving Metropolitano and BEC without a home — one playing in Ibirama, in Alto Vale, and the other in Indaial.

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Purchase of Sesi in Blumenau could become Jorginho’s “business card” in the 2024 elections

In 2021, after a survey by the City Council about a possible purchase of the Sports Complex, the debate was once again put on the table. And with an extra factor: the municipalization of Sesi was interested from the Federation of Industries of the State of Santa Catarina (Fiesc). From then on, coordination began until in July 2022 the National Council approved the sale for R$31.3 million.

Since then, however, a series of bureaucratic — and political — obstacles have slowed down confirmation of the purchase. At the end of his mandate in 2022 and without being re-elected, former governor Carlos Moisés vetoed the money for the purchase of Sesi. Deputies from Blumenau and the region tried to move towards overturn the veto, but without success. The matter did not evolve throughout 2023 and it was time to even consider an exchange to speed up the business.

Now, just under six months before the elections, the agreement is sealed and Blumenau is on its way to having Sesi for itself.

See drone photos of the Sesi Sports Complex

Situation of the Sesi athletics track (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

Structure is located in Vorstadt, on the banks of Rua Itajaí (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

Condition of the Sesi Stadium athletics track (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

Municipalization, at least for now, has been postponed (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

The space no longer offers training conditions for the Blumenau athletics teams (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

Metropolitano and BEC want to use Sesi this year for Catarinense Series B (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

In the foreground, the mayor of Blumenau, Mário Hildebrandt. In the center, Jorginho gets to know the structure of Sesi (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

Area image shows the situation of the Sports Complex (Photo: Patrick Rodrigues)

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Video shows the situation of the Sesi athletics track

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