Grupo Parvi will open four new BYD stores in Pernambuco

Grupo Parvi will open four new BYD stores in Pernambuco
Grupo Parvi will open four new BYD stores in Pernambuco

Expansion will take place in the cities of Recife, Jaboatão, Olinda and Caruaru

Vitória Silva

April 2, 2024 –
12:41 pm

Chinese manufacturer BYD will have new stores in Pernambuco. Photo: Disclosure/Grupo Parvi

Chinese manufacturer BYD will gain four new stores in Pernambuco. The information comes from Grupo Parvi, which manages BYD units in the state and plans to expand the brand throughout the Northeast region. The next stores in Pernambuco will be in the cities of Recife (Afogados), Jaboatão dos Guararapes (Piedade), Olinda and Caruaru. There is no opening date yet, but the four units are scheduled for this first semester. In the Northeast, BYD has three other branches in Mossoró (RN), Fortaleza (CE) and Teresina (PI), under the administration of the Carmais Group.

A survey by Webmotors, the main automotive marketplace in Brazil, showed that new BYD vehicles were the most searched for on the platform in 2023. The survey, released in January, reveals searches for electric cars and also points to Porsche as the favorite for pre-owned cars . From first to third place were the Dolphin, Yuan Plus and Han models, respectively; all from BYD.

Search for electric cars has increased

According to data from the Brazilian Electric Vehicle Association (ABVE), sales of electric cars in the country reached a record in January 2024, with more than 12 thousand vehicles registered. This represents an increase of 167% compared to the same period of the previous year, when 4,503 vehicles were registered. In 2023, the sector’s growth was greater than 50% in all regions of the country, and in the Northeast this growth reached an impressive 91%.

According to data from ABVE, the increase in sales in the Northeast Region was mainly driven by the cities of Maceió, with an increase of 192%, Fortaleza, with 173%, and Recife, with 134%.

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