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Published 04/01/2024 17:33

Rio – Rio de Janeiro’s job market this week offers 4,832 work and internship opportunities for professionals and students from different areas and educational levels. The opportunities include people without proven work experience and those with a disability (PCDs). There are also several opportunities for the administrative services, sales, commerce and general services sectors. Of the total vacancies offered, 2,794 are internships and Young Apprentices.


The month of April begins with the offer of 1,041 vacancies for formal jobs in Rio de Janeiro, distributed across the Metropolitan, Médio Paraíba and Serrana regions.

The majority of vacancies are concentrated in Metropolitan region, which has 918 opportunities, 293 of which are exclusively for people with disabilities (PwD). Among the roles for this audience, the 50 roles of kitchen assistant, 50 roles of cafeteria attendant, 30 roles of cashier and 50 roles of sales promoter stand out, among others. The Metropolitan region also offers the highest salaries (from R$4,236 to R$7,060) for nannies, accounting coordinators, cooks, grocery store clerks and blacksmiths. A great opportunity available is for a housekeeper for the Jardim Botânico and Barra da Tijuca neighborhoods, with only primary education, but with experience. The salary can reach five minimums.

To the Middle Paraíba region There are 36 vacancies with salaries ranging from one to two minimum wages (R$ 1,412 to R$ 2,824), including eight opportunities for construction assistants, in the center of Itatiaia, six for bakers, in Valença, among others. With salaries of around R$4,000, there are vacancies for administrative assistants in Valença and supermarket managers in Barra do Piraí. At Mountain Region, all 87 opportunities offered are for Teresópolis, with remuneration reaching three minimum wages. There are, for example, four vacancies for assistant store manager, kitchen assistant, logistics analyst, truck driver, among others.

To check the addresses of the units and details of all vacancies offered, simply access the Interactive Vacancies Panel of the state Department of Labor and Income, available on the


The Municipal Department of Labor and Income (SMTE) offers 997 job vacancies for workers, with and without disabilities, with emphasis on the hiring of 70 supermarket operators in different neighborhoods of the city, with a requirement of completing secondary education and six months of experience in the sector.

In total, there are 673 vacancies for workers in general and 324 for people with disabilities, in various professional segments. There are vacancies for residential housekeepers, electronics technician assistants, administrative assistants, legal assistants (for professionals with higher education), construction assistants, ticket agents and nurses (for PCDs, also with higher education), among many other professional opportunities.

Candidates can register online, at the link: It is no longer necessary to use code to fill out the form.


This week, Fundação Mudes offers 984 internship vacancies, at higher, secondary and technical levels. The value of the grant can reach R$2,000.

The higher education careers with the highest number of vacancies are: administration (81), accounting sciences (42) and social communication (13). There are still vacancies for courses such as architecture and urbanism, biomedicine, law, economics, literature, gastronomy, IT, medicine, pedagogy, veterinary science, information systems and much more. The opportunities allocated to the Young Apprentice program total 48 places.

To apply, simply access the website:


The Brazilian Institute for Education, Work and Development (Isbet) offers 398 vacancies. There are 276 vacancies for Young Apprentices and 122 for Internships – Secondary and Higher Education. Opportunities are available in a variety of areas, including: Administration, Retail, Production, Civil Construction, Logistics, Pantry and Kitchen, Service, Transport, Banking Assistant, IT, among others.

For more information about the vacancies and how to apply, visit the portal.


The Business-School Integration Center (Ciee) offers 1412 internship opportunities, 845 of which are for Higher Education and 567 for secondary, technical and young apprentice education.

In Barra Mansa47 vacancies are offered in the areas of Administrative (27), Civil Construction (1), Accounting (1), Education (2), Production Engineering (4), IT (5), Legal (1), Mechanical Production (2 ) and Health (4).

In Fields, there are 48 opportunities for the sectors of Administration (10), Accounting (2), Design (1), Education (15), Pharmacy (2), Legal (4), Degree (7), Nutrition (1), Psychology ( 2), Health (3) and Social Services (1). Already in Duke of Caxiasthere are 8 vacancies for Administration (4), IT (1), Legal (2) and Marketing (1).

In Macaéthere are 34 opportunities in Administration (9), Architecture and Urban Planning (3), Accounting (2), Education (1), Production Engineering (1), Sports (4), Legal (2), Literature (1), Marketing (5), Health (2), Transport (1) and Tourism/Leisure (3).

In Niterói, there are 43 opportunities in the areas of Administration (24), Architecture and Urban Planning (1), Civil Construction (1), Accounting (4), Education (9), Environmental Engineering (1), Production Engineering (1), Legal ( 1) and Nutrition (1). Already in Nova Friburgothere are 10 vacancies in Administration (3), Accounting (3), Education (2), Legal (1) and Marketing (1).

In New Iguaçuthere are 14 opportunities for the areas of Administrative (7), Architecture and Urban Planning (1), Communication (1), Accounting (1), Education (1), IT (1) and Legal (2).

In Petrópolis, there are 15 vacancies in Administration (7), Accounting (1), Education (3), Production Engineering (1), Legal (2) and Marketing (1). Already in Resendethere are three vacancies in Administration (1), Communication (1) and Mechanical Production (1).

At the Rio de Janeirothere are 621 vacancies distributed in the sectors of Administration (212), Food (2), Architecture and Urban Planning (3), Archiving (11), Arts (5), Library (3), Communication (21), Civil Construction (98) , Accounting (25), Design (6), Economics (18), Education (46), Electrical-Electronics (8), Environmental Engineering (1), Production Engineering (6), Sports (3), IT (27) , Legal (64), Literature (2), Marketing (12), Environment (7), Museology (2), Nutrition (3), Mechanical Production (1), Psychology (15), Health (15), Secretariat ( 1), Social (1), Telecommunications (2) and Tourism/Leisure (1).

In Teresópolis, there is only one vacancy in Administration. In Three Riversthere is only one vacancy in Education.

For those looking for Young Apprentice and technical internship opportunities, Ciee has 567 vacancies.

In Barra Mansathere are 12 opportunities for Apprentices, 18 for High School, 4 for Mechanical Technicians, 2 for Administration Technicians and one for Health Technicians.

In Fields, there are two opportunities for Apprentices, two for High School and one for Design Technician. Already in Duke of Caxiasthere are 14 vacancies for Apprentices, three for High School, one for Mechanical Technician, five for Administration Technician and one for Industry Technician.

In Macaé, there are 57 opportunities for Apprentices and nine for High School. In Niteróithere are 30 vacancies for Apprentices, 20 for High School, one for Mechanical Technician, three for Electrical-Electronic Technician, one for Industry Technician and three for Health Technician.

In Nova Friburgo, there is one vacancy for an Apprentice, one for High School and one for an Education Technician. Already in New Iguaçuthere are 10 vacancies for Apprentices, seven for High School and two for Health Technicians.

In Petrópolis, there are seven vacancies for Apprentices, one for Electrical-Electronics Technician and one for Administration Technician. Already in Resendethere are 11 vacancies for Apprentices.

At the Rio de Janeirothere are 192 vacancies for Apprentices, 102 for High School and two for Mechanical Technicians.


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