MG: Government will carry out new expertise on PwD candidates eliminated from the competition

MG: Government will carry out new expertise on PwD candidates eliminated from the competition
MG: Government will carry out new expertise on PwD candidates eliminated from the competition

The Government of Minas Gerais announced, this Monday (1/4), that it will carry out a new medical evaluation on candidates with disabilities (PwD) who were considered unfit during the Criminal Police competition promoted by the State Secretariat of Justice and Public Security of the state (Sejusp).

Last Thursday (28/3), the State of Minas reported that none of the 104 candidates proven to be PwD approved in all six stages of the competition were able to take up the position as planned.

In the statement issued by Sejusp and the State Secretariat for Planning and Management of Mines (Seplag), it is stated that 78 candidates were recalled to participate in the examination. They received the notice by email, and evaluations will be carried out until April 11th.

“The call for a new evaluation is based on the principle of self-protection of the public administration and is necessary based on a reanalysis of the provisions contained in SEJUSP Notice No. 02/2021, regarding the reservation of vacancies for people with disabilities and the requirements for the carrying out the admission medical examination, as well as the assessment of the duties of the position of Penitentiary Security Officer/Penal Police”, says the government in a note.

Whoever was called hopes that, this time, the process will occur correctly. Gustavo Luiz Silva Claret, who has visual impairment, is waiting for the expert to continue in the competition. “I found out from our group, they sent the link with the recall on the Sejusp website. All people who had been unfit were recalled. Those who were not considered PwD in the examination, despite all the reports, were not recalled. It could be my chance, but we don’t know what will happen in the new expertise. We are hoping that it will be an expert opinion to go back on the decision to eliminate us,” he said.

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The government’s new call left out 26 candidates who, according to the group that made the complaint, had reports and exams proving some type of disability. This is the case of Cláudia Costa, 29 years old. She has an injury to her left eye and passed the Physical Fitness Test (TAF), with a broken foot. “In my case, I am monocular and I have a private and SUS report that alleges my left eye is disabled. In my examination, the expert made a weak assessment and reported that I was not a PwD,” she said.

Upon leaving the examination, Cláudia went to a military hospital to undergo a new examination, which confirmed her situation. Even though she presented all the documents and reports, she was not recalled. “I’m running after it, I made an appeal, another consultation. I don’t know their criteria, it seems like they already wanted to cut us off,” she said.

“I’m happy for my colleagues, but I’m also sad. I fought hard for this, what happened on that track was a miracle. It’s a feeling of injustice, I fought and fought so hard and I won’t be there now”, Cláudia said.

The competition took place over the last two years and had six stages in total: objective test and essay, psychological and psychotechnical aptitude test, medical examinations, physical fitness test through specific tests, proof of suitability and unblemished conduct and technical training course -professional.

The notice published in August 2021 states that 10% of vacancies are reserved for PwD. In total, there were 2,420 vacancies, that is, 242 were destined for this public, 194 for men and 46 for women.

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