Competitions in Amazonas: opportunities and careers

Competitions in Amazonas: opportunities and careers
Competitions in Amazonas: opportunities and careers

An unstoppable competitor, there are many vacancies in competitions in Amazonas that will take place in the first half of the year. The time is now!

CRO/AM – Regional Dentistry Council of Amazonas

Firstly, one of the competitions in Amazonas that deserves to be highlighted is the CRO, which is already accepting registrations.

Initially, there will be 145 opportunities for broad competition, people with disabilities (PCD) and black and brown people (PPP), both for forming a reserve register and also for immediate filling. Notice the following table:

Regarding the requirements, the positions of Administrative Assistant and Tax Agent require complete secondary education, and for the latter there is also a requirement for a category “B” driver’s license.

In addition, lawyers will need a higher education degree in Law and active and compliant registration with the OAB. Afterwards, the records of the Accountants must also be in good standing with the respective Regional Accounting Council, and such professionals also need to provide their higher-level diplomas in Accounting Sciences.

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: May 26th

Amazonas State Research Support Foundation (FAPEAM)

The commission was formed in October 2023, and would have until February 2024 to complete the information gathering work for holding a public tender. Well, let’s wait for the news.

Amazonas Environmental Protection Institute (IPAAM)

Soon after, with authorization from the institution of the organizing committee published since January 20, 2023 (Ordinance/IPAAM/P/Nº 09/2023), the competition for the permanent staff provides for vacancies to be filled immediately and registration of reservation.

Manacapuru City Hall

Of the competitions in Amazonas, this one intends to shake up the State. There are 7 notices with open registrations to fill vacancies in the municipality of Manacapuru. The organization of all these competitions will be through same bank.

Furthermore, for curiosityManacapuru is just 1h30min away from Manaus via the AM-070 highway.

You can get more details on this mega contest here at Estilo Concursos, but let’s brush it up.

1st Notice – Municipal Health Department (SEMSA)

This notice (the only one aimed at temporary hiring) deals with more than 300 vacancies for Community Health Agent It is Endemic Disease Control Agent; All positions require a high school diploma. In addition, the remuneration is R$2,640.00 for a weekly workload of 40 hours.

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: may, 27

2nd Notice – Pension Fund of the Municipality of Manacapuru (FUNPREVIM)

Here are 8 vacancies for positions at fundamental level (complete and incomplete), secondary level and higher education, according to the following table:

FUNPREVIM vacancies – Manacapuru – 2024

Therefore, the first positions accept incomplete primary education as a schooling requirement. Accounting and Legal Advice professionals need degrees in Accounting and Law, respectively. As for an administrative assistant, in addition to completing high school, it is necessary to have a professional course in Accounting.

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: May 26th and 27th

3rd Notice – Autonomous Water and Sewage Service (SAAE)

Subsequently, we have another 47 vacancies for different levels of education. In general, salaries range between R$1,320.00 (Plumbing Assistant, Mechanic Assistant, General Services Assistant, Well Operator, Receptionist) and R$4,000.00 (Chemist), for 40 hours per week.

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: May 26th and 27th

4th Notice – Manacapuru Municipal Transport Institute (IMTRANS)

In summary, of the 22 vacancies in this competition, 15 of them are for Traffic Agent, who will have a salary of R$1,714.89, after passing the objective test and practical test stages.

Then, it is important to highlight that 3 times the number of candidates approved in the objective tests will be called for the practical test, that is, 45 future Agents will be able to carry out this phase.

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: May 26th and 27th

5th Notice – Health area

Subsequently, this is the notice with the most vacancies. They are more than 1,000 (thousand) opportunitiesalso for all levels of education.

In this sense, the three positions with the highest quantity are:

  • Nursing Technician: 235 (AC) and 47 (PwD);
  • Administrative Assistant: 184 (AC) and 37 (PwD);
  • Nurse: 127 (AC) and 25 (PwD).

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: June 2nd and 3rd

6th Notice – Manacapuru City Hall

Soon after, the 6th notice aims to effectively fill 310 vacant positions. In total, there will be 5 steps:

  • First: objective tests, for all positions;
  • Second: evaluation of titles, for higher-level positions;
  • Third: practical test, for the positions of Gravedigger It is Typist;
  • Fourth: physical aptitude test (TAF), for the position of Municipal guard;
  • Thursday: psychological assessment, for the position of Municipal Guard.

Registrations: until April 8th

7th Notice – Department of Education

The second notice with the highest number of vacancies is this one! There are 838 opportunities, more than half of which are for Teachers and Professors for Elementary School I and Elementary School II.

On the other hand, there are still offers for Librarian, Lunch Lady, Nutritionist, Pedagogue, Psychologist, among other positions.

Registrations: until April 8th

Evidences: June 9th and 10th

Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM)

And there will be more competitions for Teachers!

A Dean of People Management at UFAM is organizing the competition aimed at filling vacancies for the position of Professor in the Higher Education Career.

Entry into the Higher Education Career will always occur at the first salary level of Class A. Thus, the positions are:

  • Adjunct Professor A (holds a PhD);
  • Assistant Professor A (holds a Master’s degree);
  • Assistant Professor (have a degree or specialization).

Furthermore, basic salaries range from R$2,437.59 to R$4,875.18, for 20-hour, 40-hour and Exclusive Dedication regimes. But first, you need to go through these steps:

  • Written Test: with a topic to be DRAWN at the time of the test with 1 hour for bibliographical consultation;
  • Didactic Test: delivery of Lesson Plan + presentation of theoretical class;
  • Test of Qualifications: delivery of documents, diplomas, certificates.

Finally, there will be 36 vacancies to be distributed across the Academic Units of Manaus and the interior of Amazonas, among different areas of knowledge, such as Physical Education, Statistics, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, etc.

Registrations: from March 11th to April 12th

Evidences: May 22nd

Federal Competitions

Caixa Competition

Therefore, the competition for Caixa Econômica Federal offers vacancies for mid-level and higher-level positions. Such vacancies are distributed to some states in Brazil, and for Amazonas it will be no different.

Therefore, for those of you who want an opportunity as an Occupational Physician, Amazonas will have 1 (one) vacancy available for broad competition. The starting salary is R$11,186.00 for a 30-hour work week.

On the other hand, there are 65 immediate vacancies that require only a high school diploma, in addition to the formation of another 16 vacancies in the reserve register. The position of New Banking Technician will cover the following areas:

Finally, the starting remuneration is R$3,762.00 for a 30-hour week.

Registrations: until March 29th

Evidences: May 26th

Unified Superior Electoral Court (TSE)

According to already published here in the Strategythere are 12 vacant positions at the Regional Electoral Court of Amazonas (TRE AM), 4 of which are Analysts and 8 are Technicians.

It is not a competition in Amazonas, but the expectation is that in 2024 there will be a unified national public competition to fill vacancies in the various Regional Electoral Courts spread across the country.

Finally, it is important to note that due to a recently approved adjustment, the initial basic salaries for the positions of Judicial Analyst and Judicial Technician can reach R$14,852.66 and R$9,052.54, respectively.

Competitions in Amazonas – What now?

Finally, there is also the expectation of a competition for the Manaus City Council announced by councilor Caio André, president of the House. The authority also informed that by March it would publish information on the number of vacancies, positions and salaries. Let’s follow!

A curiosity: Did you notice that some registration and exam dates for most competitions coincide?

Anyway, the important thing is not to stop! Competitions in Amazonas bring good opportunities this semester. Continue using the expertise of Estilo Concursos in your preparation.

Sit down and study!

Good luck!

Want to know what the next competitions will be?

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