Teacher Training Guide is launched by SEE-PB and is now available for download


On March 26th, during the launch of the Se Liga no Enem, Se Liga no Enem PPL and Desafio Nota 1000 notices, at the Educators Training Center, in Campina Grande, the “Teacher Training Guide” was presented to those present. Teachers.” The instrument is a production of the Nota 1000 Challenge Program, organized by professors Daniel Soares Dantas (teacher training coordinator) and José Carlos Ribeiro Pereira (note 1000 Challenge coordinator).

The guide’s main objective is to offer technical-pedagogical support for the planning, mediation and evaluation of training paths, especially in a remote context. Developed based on practices implemented in the continuing training of teachers in the Nota 1000 Challenge Program, linked to the State Department of Education of Paraíba (SEE-PB), the launch aims to systematically share these practices, offering support to the State Education Network and to other training paths in different areas of knowledge, involving Basic Education teachers.

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Available for download at the link https://paraiba.pb.gov.br/diretas/secretaria-da-educacao/consultas, the guide is accessible to all those interested in developing training pathways, representing a significant advance in promoting the quality of education in Paraiba. The initiative seeks to instrumentalize the improvement of teaching practice through methodological guidance for continued training, aiming, consequently, to benefit students.

The launch of the “Teacher Training Guide” took place during an event of great relevance to education in the state, which was attended by the Secretary of State for Education, Roberto Souza, as well as executive secretaries, regional managers, teachers, civil servants and more than 300 students from state schools in the region, demonstrating the commitment of educational authorities to providing tools that contribute to the constant improvement of teaching. Making the guide available for download also reflects the intention to expand access and encourage its use in various educational instances.

“With this, Paraíba stands out once again as a reference hub in initiatives that aim to strengthen the training and professional development of educators, signaling a promising path to improving the quality of education in the state and, consequently, academic and students”, explains the executive secretary of Pedagogical Management at SEE-PB, Elizabete Araújo.

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