Nunes says it is “natural” for Tebet not to get on his platform with Bolsonaro

Nunes says it is “natural” for Tebet not to get on his platform with Bolsonaro
Nunes says it is “natural” for Tebet not to get on his platform with Bolsonaro

São Paulo – The mayor of the capital, Ricardo Nunes (MDB), said this Monday (1/4) that it was “absolutely natural” that the Minister of Planning, Simone Tebet, who is from his party, did not want to get on his platform alongside the former -President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), against whom she ran in the presidential election in 2022.

Last Saturday (30/3), Tebet said in an interview with CNN Brazil who will not refuse to stand on the platform of the mayor and candidate for re-election, as long as he is called on “different days” by Bolsonaro, who decided to support Nunes in the São Paulo election against federal deputy Guilherme Boulos (PSol).

“There is a real broad front around our candidacy for these elections and Simone Tebet is part of that, she is even part of my party. As it is a broad front, obviously, you will have sectors that do not agree and that do not have the same ideological position. And it is absolutely natural that at some point she comes to participate in our campaign and that it is a time that does not have Bolsonaro and vice versa”, said Nunes this Monday, after the inauguration of a solidarity warehouse in the north of the capital.

Attacks on Boulos

During the agenda, Nunes again attacked Guilherme Boulos, his main opponent in the dispute. The latest polls show the two technically tied, well ahead of third place, federal deputy Tabata Amaral (PSB).

The mayor once again classified the PSol deputy as a representative of an “extreme left” that “even mocks Jesus, who has this behavior of invasions, of aggression”, referring to a post by the Homeless Workers Movement (MTST) on Good Friday (29/3), with the image of Jesus Christ crucified accompanied by the inscription “A good criminal is a dead criminal”, said by three Roman soldiers.

“I remember very well Boulos’ action in [Avenida] Paulista breaking and vandalizing the [sede] Fiesp [Federação das Indústrias de São Paulo], and saying that it was not enough, invading the Ministry of Finance. Anyway, these attitudes that we have, unfortunately, witnessed from this person”, said Nunes.

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