Paulo Gustavo Law: Tocantina 2024 Anthology Project has registrations open until May 15th

Paulo Gustavo Law: Tocantina 2024 Anthology Project has registrations open until May 15th
Paulo Gustavo Law: Tocantina 2024 Anthology Project has registrations open until May 15th

One of those included in the Artes Tocantins 2023 notice (nº 19/2023), launched by the State Government with resources from the Paulo Gustavo Law (Complementary Law nº 195, of July 8, 2022), the project “Antologia Tocantina 2024 – José Concesso – Stories”, by writer, journalist and cultural agent, Ronaldo Teixeira, registrations are open until May 15th. The initiative was one of those awarded in the amount of R$ 40,000.00 in the Artistic Languages ​​– Literature category and aims to reveal new names in prose in Tocantins, rescue those already known and outline a current panorama of the literary scene of this genre in the state.

The project provides for a cash prize and merit plaques for the first three placed, resulting in the launch of an anthology book and an audiobook in August this year. Each interested person may participate by submitting up to three short stories and the only requirement is that these productions have not been published in print (individual book/collection/anthology). Interested parties can register until May 15th, using this form.


The first three placed in the selection will receive prizes worth R$ 2,500.00, for first place; R$1,500.00 for second place and R$1,000.00 for third place. In addition, each selected person will receive ten copies of the anthology book, for each work published, and a plaque honoring merit.

According to the project’s author, Ronaldo Teixeira, the proposal was made as a way of encouraging and restoring the self-esteem of Tocantins prose writers. “I observed that the number of writers in the state is large, due to the enormous number of registrations that took place in state and municipal literary projects, which had almost a thousand works registered annually. As the majority of these projects were extinguished or are without any perspective of new editions, in addition to the latent difficulty of an author publishing his book, I decided to idealize this project”, he said.

According to the project regulations, a thousand copies will be edited and printed and the anthology book will be distributed, in addition to a digital version on an internet platform in an audiobook version, both free of charge. Amateur or professional prose writers, short story writers, residents of the State of Tocantins for at least one year, of any sexual orientation, aged 16 and over, can participate. Registration is free and to participate, simply access this link, fill in the fields and attach the requested documents. It is worth remembering that short stories cannot contain identification of the author, only the title and text in document format.

Participants who meet the competition’s requirements will be announced in May this year and the selected texts will be announced in July, through the anthology’s official Facebook page. The judging panel will be made up of three renowned literati in Tocantins and the launch ceremony of the book and its digital version will be held in Palmas, in August.

For more information, interested parties can contact us via WhatsApp (63) 99230-3182 or via email [email protected]. Also according to the author, each of the 139 municipalities in Tocantins will be able to receive three copies of the Anthology to publicize the project. Interested parties must make the request using the same email address and collect their quota from the proponent in Palmas.

Meet the proponent

Ronaldo Coelho Teixeira is a poet, writer, journalist and cultural agent from Ceará, based in Tocantins. He won the Maximiano da Matta Teixeira Grant four times, from the Government of Tocantins, and formatted all of his literary projects, such as Visuautoretrato and Agenda Tocantina 2015. Other projects include the formatting of the Meninos do São João project, a semi-finalist in the Itaú/Unicef ​​notice 2015/2016.

The writer has also approved works such as “Circuito Oficineiro – Oficina de Formatação de Projetos Culturais”, at Promic 2019 of the City of Palmas, as well as “Anotologia Tocantina 2021 – José Gomes Sobrinho” and “Ronaldo Teixeira em Sonoras Parcerias”, at Lei Aldir Blanc 1.

He served as municipal advisor for Culture, president of the Gurupi Arts Association (AAG), coordinator of Art and Culture at the Gurupi Cultural Foundation and at the Gurupi Municipal Secretariat of Culture, between 2005 and 2012. Currently, in addition to holding formatting workshops From cultural projects to public notices, in-person and online, Ronaldo Teixeira presents the Mundo Criativo Podcast on YouTube, with guests from the Creative Economy chain.


José Francisco da Silva Concesso (Rio Espera – MG, 1936 — Marabá-PA, 2020) also known as José Concesso, was a Brazilian writer and educator, born in Rio Espera (MG) in 1936. He studied Philosophy at the Fundação Universidade Federal de São João del Rei; Theology at the Pontifical Gregorian University, in Rome; Literature at the University of Valença; Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Minas Gerais; Gerontology at the Federal University of Tocantins and Translation at ETIMIG. He specialized in Leprology, in Fontilles, Spain; in Spanish, at the Universidad de La Habana, in Cuba, and in Education at the Federal University of Goiás.

In Tocantins he held the positions of Director of the Faculty of Education Sciences and Letters of Araguaína (TO); of Pároco in the municipality of Araguaína (TO); professor of Latin at the State University of Tocantins; Vice-Director and Professor of Canon Law at Faculdade Católica Dom Orione.

He was an effective member of the Academia Tocantinense de Letras, in Palmas (TO); Academia Cordisburguense de Letras Guimarães Rosa, in Cordisburgo (MG) and the Academia de Letras de Araguaína (TO). He was a corresponding member of the Academia Gurupiense de Letras de Gurupi (TO) and the Academia Imperatrizense de Letras, Imperatriz (MA), as well as being the creator of the Academia de Letras de Araguaína and Norte Tocantinense; Academia de Letras Mirim de Araguaína and Academia de Letras Juvenil de Araguaína.

Project technical sheet

In addition to Ronaldo Teixeira, included in the Artes Tocantins notice to carry out the project, Antologia Tocantina 2024 – José Concesso – Contos also has the participation of a team that ranges from press relations to the process of creating art and visual identity. Check out the technical sheet below:

Creator: Ronaldo Coelho Teixeira

Press officer: Ciro Gonçalves

Creation of book cover art: Adriano Alves

Creation of the visual identity and layout of the book: Henry Rafael

Libra Translator: Luan Crispim

Voiceover: Ted Brum

Ceremonialist: Cinthia Abreu

The article is in Portuguese

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