PRF completes Operation Semana Santa 2024 without any deaths on federal highways in Tocantins

PRF completes Operation Semana Santa 2024 without any deaths on federal highways in Tocantins
PRF completes Operation Semana Santa 2024 without any deaths on federal highways in Tocantins

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Between March 28th and 31st, the Federal Highway Police (PRF) carried out Operation Holy Week 2024 on federal highways in the State of Tocantins, with the aim of promoting road safety and combating crime.

On yet another national holiday with an increase in the flow of vehicles on the roads, the PRF reinforced preventive policing at strategic points for greater traffic flow and mobility. During the actions, 454 vehicles and 516 people in total were inspected using approach procedures. The inspections generated 374 infraction notices, with emphasis on drivers caught carrying out improper overtaking (33 flagrant) and 16 people caught not wearing a seat belt. In addition, 307 alcohol tests were recorded, with 23 corresponding flagrants. There were also 8 cases of non-use of child restraint devices – known as car seats – and 10 cases of speeding through inspection with portable radar.

Regarding accidents, 04 accidents were found in total (an increase of just one unit compared to last year in which 03 accidents were observed), 01 of which were serious (same result in 2023). With regard to the number of injured people, we obtained an increase of 2 units compared to the year 2023 where 02 injuries were confirmed – 2024 had 04 injured people. In relation to fatal accidents, no person lost their life on the federal highways of Tocantins.

Regarding crime, the PRF carried out 2 arrests in the act, for the offenses of drunk driving in the municipalities of Gurupi/TO and Miracema do Tocantins/TO. In one of the incidents, in addition to the verification of alcohol ingestion through the alcohol test, the presence of three intact .22 caliber ammunition (inside the vehicle – Fiat/Uno Mille Fire) was verified and that the driver – a 36-year-old man years – did not have a driving license.

The numbers and percentages cited in this article are in relation to the period 03/28/2024 to 03/31/2024, compared to 04/06/2023 to 04/09/2023. It is important to highlight that the numbers may change due to the compilation of ongoing occurrences.

With a focus on road safety and combating crime, two people were arrested for drunk driving

Balance – Holy Week 2024

04 accidents in total
01 serious accident
0 deaths
516 people inspected
454 vehicles inspected
02 people detained

Flagrant infractions, including:
– 23 cases of alcohol levels at the wheel;
– 33 prohibited overtaking;
– 16 cases of not using seat belts;
– 08 cases for not having a child restraint device (car seat).

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