TJ-PI elects four new judges from the judiciary


Published by: Vanessa Mendonça

Monday, April 1, 2024

Monday, April 1, 2024

The Court of Justice of Piauí (TJ-PI) held, this Monday (1st), during an ordinary plenary session, elections to choose four new judges from the judiciary. Those elected were Dioclécio Sousa da Silva, Antônio Reis de Jesus Nollêto, José Vidal de Freitas Filho and Maria do Rosário de Fátima Martins Leite Dias. The administrative inauguration of the new judges will take place this Tuesday (2), at 11 am, in the Plenum of the New Palace of Justice.

The four vacancies were destined for representatives of the judiciary, with two vacancies to be filled based on seniority and two based on merit, and were opened by the retirement of magistrates Eulália Pinheiro, Eufrásio Alves, Edvaldo Moura and José Ribamar Oliveira. To compete for the notices, judges needed to be in the last fifth of their career and meet criteria such as productivity, participation in courses and promptness.

Using the criteria of merit, magistrates Dioclécio Sousa da Silva and José Vidal de Freitas Filho were elected, both with 16 votes. “We need to move forward, to be closer to the people so that, in fact, we deliver a judicial provision that makes Justice the instrument of social pacification that it should be”, declared judge Dioclécio Sousa da Silva shortly after the choice.

Judge José Vidal de Freitas Filho, whose election met the criterion of merit, reinforced that he will continue to make efforts to ensure that Piauí society receives the most fair and agile judicial service possible.

According to the criterion of seniority, judges Antônio Reis de Jesus Nollêto and Maria do Rosário de Fátima Martins Leite Dias were promoted to the position of judge, with 38 and 43 years on the bench, respectively. “It’s a dream come true. I am only the second judge to rise to the position of judge. It’s a victory for women too. We continue with the challenge of ensuring that more women participate in the Judiciary”, declared the new judge, elected based on seniority.

For judge Antônio Reis de Jesus Nollêto, with the election, the commitment to the role of magistrate is renewed. The elected judge stated that he will act in the 2nd degree with the same commitment and the same correctness with which he acted until recently in the 1st Jury Court of the district of Teresina.

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