SES brings specialized health services to the population of Campo Novo do Parecis

SES brings specialized health services to the population of Campo Novo do Parecis
SES brings specialized health services to the population of Campo Novo do Parecis
The specialized units of the State Department of Health of Mato Grosso (SES-MT) offer, between Tuesday and Thursday (02 to 04.04), various services to residents of Campo Novo do Parecis (388 km from Cuiabá), through of the “Go to Include” project.

Among the services available are: vaccination, blood collection, registration of bone marrow donors, evaluation for granting wheelchairs or other means of transportation and oral health guidance for People with Disabilities (PWD). There will also be training and training on oral health, mental health and leprosy diagnosis management for municipal health employees.

Services will be offered from 7am to 11am and from 1pm to 5pm, in front of the city’s new Decentralized Rehabilitation Unit (UDR), located on Rua Bahia, in the center of Campo Novo do Parecis.

For assistance, an official document with photo (RG or CNH), CPF and SUS card is required.

“This is the third action of the Go To Include project in 2024. This is an action that facilitates the population’s access to specialized services offered by SES in Mato Grosso. A part of our specialized units travels to users who are in the interior of the State, because we want to include everyone”, stated the State Secretary of Health, Gilberto Figueiredo.

According to the deputy secretary of Specialized Units at SES, Luiz Antônio Ferreira, the expectation is that around 250 consultations will be carried out during the three days of action in the municipality.

“In 2023 alone, we covered seven municipalities and served around 2,500 people. Our proposal is to increase this number to include everyone who needs specialized care”, highlighted the secretary.


During the three days of service, the Reference Center for Medium and High Complexity (Cermac) will offer training in leprosy and case studies for municipal health employees. Adauto Botelho Hospital will also provide mental health training for employees.

The Cold Chain will take the immunization truck into action, with the aim of vaccinating the population. The MT Hemocentro trailer will be parked near the UDR, where blood will be collected from voluntary donors and registration for bone marrow donation will be carried out.

The State Dentistry Center for Special Patients (Ceope) will provide training, guidance and supervision of dental care for people with disabilities previously scheduled. The Dom Aquino Corrêa Comprehensive Rehabilitation Center (Cridac) will carry out the analysis for future concession of wheelchairs or other means of transportation, in addition to the delivery of materials.

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