PRF records 44% reduction in the number of accidents during Holy Week, in PB


The Federal Highway Police (PRF) recorded a 44% reduction in the number of accidents during the Christmas holiday Holy Weekat Paraíbacompared to the same period last year.

The Operation began in the early hours of last Thursday (28) and ended at 11:59 pm on Sunday (31). The PRF reinforced policing on federal highways that cross the state of Paraíba, aiming to guarantee safety during the holiday.

During the entire period of the operation, 1,293 people and 1,047 vehicles were inspected, in addition to carrying out 844 alcohol tests. The intense inspection resulted in 103 vehicles being recalled for various irregularities. Two vehicles registered for robbery/theft were also recovered.

Police commands were carried out in the areas most prone to accidents, the action resulted in significant reductions: 44% in the number of total accidents, 17% in the number of serious accidents and 14% in the number of injured people, compared to Operation Holy Week carried out in 2023. This year, a total of ten accidents were recorded, five of which were considered serious, resulting in 14 people injured. The recklessness seen in traffic and the tragedies are direct consequences of the irresponsibility of drivers. Unfortunately, three people died as a result of traffic accidents on federal highways in Paraíba.

TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS – In total, 1,078 traffic violations were recorded during the Operation period. Of this total, attention was drawn to the number of people caught overtaking in prohibited areas, with 133 vehicles being fined under these conditions. Drivers and passengers also insisted on risking their lives without safety equipment, with 97 people without helmets and 35 without seat belts. In addition, 15 people were caught driving under the influence of alcohol. These behaviors put not only the occupants of the vehicle at risk, but all other road users.

CRIMINALITY – Actions to combat crime were also intensified. In total, two people were arrested for traffic crimes and three other individuals for different crimes.

TRAFFIC EDUCATION – The reinforcement also included an increase in educational actions and commands. In total, 231 people were reached by the educational actions carried out throughout the state in order to make highway users aware of their role in creating safe traffic.

ESCORT: The PRF’s activities go beyond carrying out traffic inspections and combating crime. The escort of a liver for transplantation from Campina Grande to João Pessoa took place last Sunday afternoon (31). The initiative is a vital example of how road safety is intertwined with the essential mission of preserving lives.

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