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Dinaldo Santos

Military police officers from the 16th BPM detained a suspect in a robbery that occurred on Sunday night (31/3) in the Bahian municipality of Santaluz, 267 km from Salvador.

According to SSP-BA, the military was carrying out policing when they were informed that armed men, boarded in a vehicle, robbed a gas station in the region.

Searches were initiated and a car with the same characteristics as the one used in the criminal action was located. During the approach, according to SSP-BA, the vehicle’s occupants fired firearms at the garrison and fled.

Also according to SSP-BA, the car was monitored, and, in the vicinity of the Açude Tapera neighborhood, the car was abandoned by the suspects, one of which was later caught. During the approach, it was identified that the vehicle had restrictions.

Inside the car, five cell phones, a 38-caliber revolver, cash and a homemade gun were found. The vehicle and all the seized material were presented at the police station that serves the region.

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