Ulysses amendment strengthens ‘Acre pela Vida’ sports project in Acre


Ulysses allocated an amendment of R$ 385 thousand to the project and participated last weekend in the II Football Tournament held in the Aeroporto Velho neighborhood. For the deputy, ‘Acre pela Vida’ is an important tool for preventing crime among children and young people

BRASÍLIA (01.04.2024) – Deputy Colonel Ulysses (União–AC) participated last weekend, in Rio Branco–AC, in the II Football Tournament promoted by the ‘Acre pela Vida’ Project. Created in 2020 by the Acre Public Security Secretariat, the project is supported by Ulysses through parliamentary amendments. Ulysses passed on an amendment worth R$385,000 to the project. ‘Acre pela Vida’ was created under the management of Public Security Secretary Paulo Cezar Rocha to guarantee the social integration of communities in peripheral areas of Acre’s cities.

“His (Ulysses) help, with resources from amendments, is contributing to changing the lives of children and adolescents in the capital and the interior of Acre, through the practice of sports”, assessed Colonel Atahualpa Ribera, from the Public Security Secretariat of Acre. Acre, during the opening of the II Football Tournament, in the Aeroporto Velho neighborhood. In addition to sports, the project also promotes musical events and other cultural activities.

The activities of ‘Acre pela Vida’, in addition to promoting cultural activities, contribute strategically to crime preventive actions, as they keep children and adolescents away from the actions of criminal factions.

According to the coordinator of ‘Acre pela Vida’, Jesus Silva, the partnership with deputy Colonel Ulysses has been strategic for the maintenance and expansion of the project. In addition to thanking Ulysses, Silva highlighted the importance of the project in preventing crime among children and adolescents.

In turn, Ulysses said that he feels gratified to help financially ‘Acre pela Vida’, a project he has known deeply since its creation. “As a public security operator, I know the importance of sport and cultural activities in preventing crime. Now, as a deputy, I will further encourage the expansion of this important project”, explained Colonel Ulysses, who, in the beginning, worked directly in ‘Acre pela Vida’.

Acre pela Vida’ encourages community integration

The ‘Acre pela Vida’ project aims to promote community integration and encourage sports among young people. The II Football Tournament held in the Aeroporto Velho neighborhood attracted the attention of hundreds of spectators, who filled the field next to the Indoor Gymnasium to watch the exciting disputes on the field. The activity demonstrated, once again, to be an important tool for social inclusion and construction of values.

During the competition, the teams demonstrated talent and sportsmanship, competing fiercely in search of the title. In addition to the football matches, recreational activities were held for children and young people, promoting moments of fun and leisure for the whole family.
At the end of the tournament, the winning teams were awarded and recognized for their performance, in a ceremony that celebrated not only the sporting results, but also the spirit of unity and collaboration that permeated the entire event.

The II Football Tournament of the ‘Acre pela Vida’ Project once again demonstrated the commitment of local institutions and leaders to social development and the well-being of the community, through sport and the promotion of citizenship.

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