Military Police extends validity of expired vests

Military Police extends validity of expired vests
Military Police extends validity of expired vests

The Rio Military Police extended by nine months the validity of 6,780 bulletproof vests that were already expired or about to expire. The decision was published in a corporation bulletin last Monday, supported by ballistic efficiency reports approved and issued by the company that produced the equipment. As a result, vests that had an expiration date between November 2023 and May 2024 will continue to be used by agents on the streets over the next few months. Measure that generated concern from the Association of Active, Inactive and Pensioners of the Military Police and Fire Department (Assinap).

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— Let’s assume the worst happens, and the vest doesn’t work. Who does this burden go to? Certainly, for the police officer’s family, who was exposed by the State without due protection — reacted Márcia Cordeiro, president of the association.

In last week’s bulletin, the PM’s Administrative Management Secretariat made public the reports carried out by the NTS Belcamp laboratory, ratified by the company Glágio do Brasil Protection Balística Ltda, manufacturer of “protection level III ballistic vests”. According to the documents, the tests were carried out with four samples of ballistic equipment, with serial numbers belonging to the batches in “use in the corporation”. In view of what was observed, the text states:

“The ballistic solution tendered presents satisfactory durability rates and, in the current state, considering the results obtained, Glágio extends the use of the vests after the expiration date for another nine months.”

‘First necessity’

When considering this reckless renewal, the president of Assinap even questions the number of vests submitted for examinations.

— The tests were carried out on just four vests. Which, in our view, is a very small sample, demonstrating the economic intention behind a decision regarding essential equipment for police work in Rio — highlighted Márcia. — It is also necessary to evaluate the psychological side of the public security agent, since the corporation, by acting in this way, does not guarantee the effectiveness of the use (of vests) in situations of extreme risk, to which military police officers are subjected daily — he then criticized.

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The PM, in turn, states in a statement that the vests “are in perfect condition”, but that those that had already expired since November were not being used by police officers before the tests were carried out. Furthermore, it says that the evaluations to extend the validity were requested by the corporation to “verify the durability and guarantee the safety of its police officers, while the purchasing process for the new vests is not completed”. When questioned, until last night the police had not informed, however, when the acquisition of other batches of protective equipment should take place, nor did they respond about a possible delay in the purchase.

Also according to the corporation, Glágio do Brasil carried out four tests on samples of vests used daily by military police officers: those for the ballistic efficiency of level III front and back plates with caliber 7.62 (rifle) and those for ballistic efficiency level panel front and back with 9mm and 44 Magnum calibers (pistol). For the PM, the results showed satisfactory rates.

Previous investigation

Glágio do Brasil, contacted since last Thursday, did not comment. In September last year, the company was mentioned in a Federal Police representation sent to the Court that culminated in the launch of operation Perfidia, to investigate suspicions of corruption in the federal intervention in Public Security in Rio, in 2018, and which had the former -Intervenor, General Walter Souza Braga Netto, as one of those investigated. At the time, there were signs of an overprice of R$4.6 million when purchasing ballistic vests.

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At the center of the suspicions was the hiring, without bidding, of the American company CTU Security LLC to supply 9,360 vests capable of resisting rifle shots, which would be delivered to the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police. At the time, crimes of “sponsorship of improper hiring, illegal dismissal from bidding, active and passive corruption and criminal organization” were investigated. As well as fraud in the competitive nature of bidding, due to the collusion of the companies Inbraterrestre Indústria e Comércio de Materials de Segurança and Glágio do Brasil Protecção Balística — the same one that has now extended the validity of 6,780 expired vests —, due to alleged prior knowledge of the intention to purchase of vests by the Federal Intervention Office.

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