PT and PL triggered Moro’s impeachment and are now preparing to fight for the senator’s seat

PT and PL triggered Moro’s impeachment and are now preparing to fight for the senator’s seat
PT and PL triggered Moro’s impeachment and are now preparing to fight for the senator’s seat

After coming together to seek the impeachment of senator Sérgio Moro (União-PR), the PT, of president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, and the PL, of former president Jair Bolsonaro, are now preparing for a possible fight for the seat of the senator. The Regional Electoral Court of Paraná (TRE-PR) begins judging this Monday, the 1st, the actions sponsored by the two parties against the ticket of the former judge of Operation Lava Jato.

Whatever the result of the trial in the TRE, the final word must be with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE). If the Electoral Court decides to impeach Moro, a supplementary election must be scheduled to choose a new senator from Paraná, who will hold the position until 2030.

In the PT of Paraná there is already an internal dispute over who will be the party’s candidate. Representative Gleisi Hoffmann, president of the party, and deputy Zeca Dirceu, son of former minister José Dirceu, stand out. The uncertainty hampers the PT’s decision on whether to launch its own candidacy for Mayor of Curitiba or close an alliance with the PSB.

Zeca wants to run for mayor, but Gleisi’s group defends support for deputy Luciano Ducci (PSB). In return, Ducci would endorse Gleisi’s candidacy for Sérgio Moro’s seat, also sought by Zeca Dirceu.

Former governor of Paraná, Roberto Requião left the PT last week and now appears as another possible candidate for Moro’s seat in the Senate. To compete, his affiliation with the PRD, recently created from the merger of PTB and Patriota, is considered. On his social networks, the former governor criticized a possible alliance between PT and Ducci and said he felt abandoned by the party.

Bolsonaro’s PL also has more than one option being discussed. The most natural is former deputy Paulo Martins. He came in second place in the 2022 race with 29.1% of the votes, compared to Moro’s 33.5%. He has already confirmed to Estadão that he will try for the position again, if the former judge’s downfall is confirmed.

The party still has an alternative that has not been tested at the polls, but has the potential to give a national aspect to the regional dispute. President of PL Mulher, former first lady Michelle Bolsonaro is fanned by some sectors of the party.

In December, she participated in a political event in Curitiba and was welcomed with a chant of “senator” by supporters. In order to be a candidate in Paraná, Jair Bolsonaro’s wife would need to prove her electoral domicile in the State six months before the election. Today, she lives in the Federal District.

In addition to these names, deputy Rosângela Moro (União Brasil) may try to take her husband’s seat. Elected by São Paulo in 2022 with 217 thousand votes, she transferred her voter registration back to Paraná. The movement was interpreted as the couple’s possible desire to maintain their seat in the Senate.

With the transfer, Rosângela becomes a concrete alternative to run for Moro’s seat, if he is revoked by the Electoral Court. However, the PT has already filed a lawsuit to prevent the deputy’s change of electoral domicile. Expert who were heard by the Estadãohowever, assess that the legislation does not prevent change.

The former leader of the Bolsonaro government in the Chamber Ricardo Barros (PP) and deputy Sergio Souza (MDB) have already stated that they will run for a possible seat in the Senate from Paraná. While Souza seeks to sell himself as the “agro candidate”, Barros tries to attract the Bolsonarist electorate, which will be difficult given that the dispute must feature a PL candidacy.

Understand the action against Moro

The trial in the Electoral Court that could lead to the revocation of Moro’s mandate is an outcome of actions by the PL and the Brazilian Federation of Hope, made up of PT, PCdoB and PV. The parties accuse the former judge of abuse of economic power due to Moro’s pre-election spending between 2021 and 2022, a period in which he presented himself as a pre-candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for Podemos.

The candidacy for Palácio do Planalto did not prosper and, in March 2022, Moro migrated to União Brasil and tried to run for federal deputy for São Paulo. The change of electoral domicile, from Curitiba to the capital of São Paulo, was blocked by the Electoral Court and he ended up running as a candidate for senator for Paraná, being elected with more than 1.9 million votes.

The actions indicate that the expenses and structure of the pre-campaign for the Presidency were “disproportionate” and ended up giving the former judge a decisive advantage over any other candidate for the Senate in Paraná. Furthermore, the sum of the pre-campaign expenses and the expenses incurred when running for senator would exceed the stipulated ceiling.

The senator’s defense considers that fundraising and pre-campaign expenses do not need to be submitted to electoral accounts. At the beginning of December, in a statement to TRE-PR, Moro said that the parties’ allegations should be “discarded”. According to him, they do not prove abuse of economic power in the 2022 campaign.

When testifying, the senator stated that he was “deeply offended” by actions brought by PL and PT. Moro then said: “I feel violated when the parties claim that my security expenses should be considered for revocation of my mandate. I was a Lava Jato judge who came to run in a highly polarized election.”

Then, the magistrate cited the plans of the First Command of the Capital to kidnap him (PCC) investigated by the Federal Police. “I made it a necessary condition that there be security. We didn’t know that there was a risk of suffering attacks like there is today.”

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