Police arrest criminal involved in store explosion in VG

Police arrest criminal involved in store explosion in VG
Police arrest criminal involved in store explosion in VG

One of the perpetrators of the robbery using explosives carried out in the early hours of Saturday (30.03), in a department store, was arrested red-handed by the Civil Police, in an action carried out by police officers from the Specialized Robbery and Theft Police Station of Várzea Grande (Derf-VG ), shortly after the crime.

The crime occurred around 2:30 am on Saturday morning (30.03), when five criminals broke the locks on the gate of the store, located on Avenida da Feb in Várzea Grande and using explosives, broke into the wall and the company’s safe, subtracting approximately R $30K cash.

As soon as the Derf-VG team was informed of the facts, they began efforts to identify and arrest the perpetrators of the crime. By analyzing the security camera images, it was possible to identify that the criminals arrived at the location in an Etios vehicle, the result of a robbery that occurred on March 29th.

From the images it was also possible to verify that the criminals were in possession of firearms, indicating that even though they intended to rob the company, they were prepared to act in a robbery situation, if they had to provide security inside the store.

Continuing the investigations, the police identified one of those involved in the crime, who abandoned the vehicle used in the criminal action, on Estrada do Carrapicho. With the identification of the suspect, Derf-VG police officers managed to arrest him in the act.

Interrogated at the police station, he confessed to participating in the robbery and explosion in the store, reporting that he had committed the crime to pay off a debt of R$5,000 from drug trafficking. According to the criminal, he was responsible for taking his accomplices to the company and helping them escape, taking them to a safe place after the criminal action.

In addition to having the drug debt paid off, the suspect also received R$500 for participating in the crime. A quantity of cocaine was also seized from him.

In view of the evidence, after being interrogated by delegate Elaine Fernandes de Souza, the suspect was charged with the crimes of criminal association, theft increased by nighttime rest and qualified by the destruction of an obstacle, use of an explosive and concourse of people, in addition to reception ( of the vehicle used in the crime).

Efforts are still underway to arrest the others involved in the crime.

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