Deputy in T-shirt and jeans causes turmoil at CPMI

Deputy in T-shirt and jeans causes turmoil at CPMI
Deputy in T-shirt and jeans causes turmoil at CPMI

Federal deputy Abilio Brunini (PL-MT) caused controversy at the opening meeting of the Joint Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry on January 8, this Thursday (25), when he appeared in the plenary session in a T-shirt and jeans, an attire not permitted by the regiment. internal.

In addition, according to members of the commission, he interrupted speeches by parliamentarians outside the microphone. At one point, deputy Erika Hilton (PSOL-SP) protested against Brunini’s stance.

“Isn’t there a garment provided for in the House’s bylaws so that senators and deputies can demonstrate? The deputy is dressed accordingly, as if he were an ‘aerolook’ and still wants to disrupt the work of the CPMI. The deputy is not registered and keeps questioning the speech of his colleagues. For God’s sake!” he said.

The president of the CPI, deputy Arthur Maia (União-BA), agreed with Hilton and asked that, from the next meeting, Brunini dress according to the rules.

“Only people in full business attire – in this case, jacket and tie – or equivalent clothing, military uniform, professional or typical costumes alluding to the theme of the session, when applicable”, read the deputy.

Towards the end of the meeting, Abilio Brunini, who is a member of the CPMI, spoke into the microphone. This time, he was in the traditional robes of parliament, wearing a suit and tie.

Installed this Thursday (25), the CPMI of January 8 will investigate the acts that resulted in the invasions of the headquarters of the Planalto Palace, the National Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in Brasília.

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