Pregnant with twins undergoes another ultrasound and is surprised by the results


Woman was 34 weeks and had to do her best to deal with the new information

Gabriella Licia – April 1, 2024

Woman was 34 weeks pregnant and received unbelievable news. (Photo: Reproduction/Capture via Instagram)

A pregnant woman went viral on the internet after publishing a video showing the exact moment she went for a simple ultrasound and discovered something completely unbelievable.

At the time, the publication was reposted by a profile about pregnancy in general. In the scenes, it is possible to see the mother explaining the entire situation. “I went for an ultrasound to see the twins because my belly was strange and crooked, I just couldn’t imagine what [viria pela frente]”, he said.

The woman explained that she was already 34 weeks pregnant, close to completing the ninth month, but as she was feeling unusually heavy, she wanted to redo the tests.

Until then, the mother had been informed in consultations carried out free of charge, by the Unified Health System (SUS), that there were two babies. Soon, the woman had planned to welcome the two little ones, with clothes, cribs and the like.

It was in this last exam that everything changed. “The doctor said: the babies are fine, what are their names? I said this way ‘Gael and Cauan’, then she looked at me and said: ‘and the names of the other two babies? Haven’t you chosen yet?’” the woman recalled.

Yes! There were four children being gestated by the first-time mother and she only knew about the presence of two. At the end of the consultation, the woman was informed that there would be three little boys and one girl, which was a huge shock.

In the comments, some internet users were amused by the situation and some were still worried. “I would have ‘give birth’ right there with fright,” joked one woman.

See the video!

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