‘Today we don’t fight about it anymore’

‘Today we don’t fight about it anymore’
‘Today we don’t fight about it anymore’

Two thousand and twenty-four has been a year of many fruits for Juan Paiva. And not just because of the cocoa harvests that his character João Pedro has been harvesting in “Renascer”. In addition to being the young protagonist of Globo’s nine o’clock drama, the 26-year-old actor will also have a prominent role in “Justiça 2”, a series that premieres on the 11th, on Globoplay.

Folhatim das Nine is shown 31 years after the first version aired

— It is important for me, as a black person from a favela, to have this visibility to inspire other people. I had few references when I was a child, only in cartoons, like “Super Choque”. Many think that just because a person comes from a favela, it will be easy for them to play a criminal. Young black people in the community, like me, need to occupy places to follow their own paths — highlights the artist.

Born in Vidigal, a community in the South Zone of Rio where he still lives today, Juan began performing theater at the age of 8 in the famous group Nós do Morro, which has already revealed countless talents. With his motorcycle, the actor not only dodges Rio’s chaotic traffic until he reaches Estúdios Globo in Curicica — about 27km from his home —, but he also juggles trying to give himself as much work as possible and still have time for his wife, Luana Souza, and her daughter, Analice, aged 9.

— My family is my base, I do everything for them. I had a daughter at a very young age, which brought me maturity and responsibility. I’m happy to conquer space in places I never imagined I could. But I understand that I have a long way to go, I don’t allow myself to waver because life is hard. I was raised in a very down-to-earth place, so for me everything is a moment — he summarizes.

2 of 3 Juan Paiva — Photo: Márcio Farias/ Disclosure
Juan Paiva — Photo: Márcio Farias/ Disclosure

Anyone who thinks that Analice is dazzled by having a famous father is wrong! She jokes about being the actor’s daughter.

— My daughter doesn’t even care. Her friends ask me to write letters to them. Analice only calls me character names to make fun of me when she’s upset. She’s called me Ravi (from “Um place ao sol”, Anderson (from “Malhação”), João Pedro… When her friends come to my house and stare at me, she asks: “What’s wrong, guys? ” (laughs) — the owl father laughs.

As for his wife, with whom he has been in a relationship since he was 16, everything was not always rosy. At the beginning of Juan’s career, Luana was uncomfortable seeing him in romantic scenes.

— In the first jobs, everything was new to us. Then there was a certain discomfort, which is normal. But today she understands that it is my profession. We don’t fight about it anymore — she says.

With the sweat of his work, Juan has already fulfilled his parents’ dream and expanded their house.

— They lived in a very small hallway. I managed to expand the space and, today, my father has a balcony to watch football games. I did a small thing, but it makes a difference to them. My mother is extremely proud of me. She watches the soap opera and asks me to send audio to a group of people. Sometimes I’m sleeping, but I do it. It’s my mother, right?! — he jokes.

Juan Paiva chooses the three scenes from “Renascer” that marked him the most

3 of 3 João Pedro (Juan Paiva) in ‘Renascer’ — Photo: Reproduction/ Globoplay
João Pedro (Juan Paiva) in ‘Renascer’ — Photo: Reproduction/ Globoplay

In “Renascer”, his relationship with Sandra (Giullia Buscacio) makes João Pedro find the tranquility of pure love, even after his disappointment with Mariana (Theresa Fonseca), as Juan highlights: “She is a person with a very strong. It brings autonomy and maturity to João, as he has come to understand that that love illusion with Mariana served as a learning experience. Sandra brings this confidence so that he can open up to love again”.

Collecting important scenes in the plot, Juan highlights the ones that have impacted him the most so far:

1. disappointment with painho

“The conversation in which José Inocêncio (Marcos Palmeira) reveals that he is going to marry Mariana. After that moment, everyone said that in the scene I looked like a dog that fell after moving.”

2. the colonel’s wedding

“The wedding of José Inocêncio and Mariana. João Pedro was shaken. This had a big impact.”

3. Friends Forever

“What really stands out to me about this plot is the friendship between João Pedro and Zinha (Samantha Jones). Every moment they have together touches me. I like working with Samantha, I think she’s fun. We create and take risks together.”

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