King Charles reveals how Kate Middleton looks in her first appearance


O King Charles III vented about the princess Kate Middleton in his first appearance after having spent a period away. Both the King and Kate are facing cancer, they are different cases, but they had very close diagnoses.

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Kate revealed a few days ago that she will go through this phase away from the public eye. King Charles moved a little further away from public events, however, now he participated in Easter mass.

King Charles along with Queen Camilla and other members of the royal family attended mass at St George Chapel in Windsor, England. Kate Middleton and Prince William did not attend this event, as they had already announced that they would do.

During his participation in the mass, King Charles was asked about Kate on the way out. Many people came to support the king as he returned to public events. And they also took the opportunity to send messages of support to Kate.

A subject gave the king a poster on which it was written: “get well soon, your majesty”. And to that he replied: “I’m doing my best.” And a subject commented: “Get well for Princess Kate!” To this, King Charles also said: “Thank you very much.”

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A few days earlier, King Charles had also opened up about the princess Kate Middleton. He said: “I am very proud of Catherine for her courage in speaking out the way she did.”

According to royal family expert Sally Bedell, King Charles has always had a very close relationship with Kate. “He never had a very strong bond with Kate. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that Kate is a daughter he never had. Charles shares Prince William’s desire to protect Kate. They’re definitely in this together, Kate and the king,” said Sally.

Princess Kate and the Prince William spent Easter with their three children, Prince George, 10, Princess Charlotte, eight, and Prince Louis, five, at the country mansion in Anmer Hall, Norfolk, England. They chose this place to isolate themselves from the world and focus on Kate’s healing.

King Charles spoke about Kate Middleton in his appearance after time away
King Charles in his first appearance after a period away and spoke about Kate Middleton

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