BBB 24: MC Bin Laden makes a surprising request to Matteus: ‘I made a big mistake’

BBB 24: MC Bin Laden makes a surprising request to Matteus: ‘I made a big mistake’
BBB 24: MC Bin Laden makes a surprising request to Matteus: ‘I made a big mistake’

MC Bin Laden apologized to Matteus after the heated argument that they had after Sincerão last Monday (25). The two had a clash that led to a fight that even generated attention from Big Boss.

“I made a lot of mistakes. I apologize,” declared bin Laden. The gaucho also apologized. For him, “from the door out”, there is no longer any conflict between the two.

In the conversation, Bin also said that he really likes Alegrete. “I want us to play ball together, I want us to have a barbecue moment so we can laugh, talk about a lot of things”, he joked with his brother.

Early morning was busy at BBB

The dawn of party This Sunday (31) on BBB 24 was marked by fights between the Fadas group. O uneasiness between David and Matteus remained throughout the party. The fight between them started when the gaucho entered the Fadas Room and found the Bahian and Isabelle talking in low tones, privately. Davi was precisely questioning some recent positions of his allies (Matteus, Alane and Beatriz) and wondering if they had not joined him, just to add votes. “They didn’t want me at first,” he recalled.

At that moment, Matteus entered the room and the two interrupted their conversation. Surprised by the brothers’ attitude, the gaucho didn’t hide his discomfort: “I’m sorry if I’m getting in the way. You can continue the conversation.”

David replied saying it was no big deal. But irritated, Matteus shot back: “You think you’re always right. It’s not like that, David.” From then on, the ‘broth spilled’. The Bahian recalled that Alegrete once called him ‘disrespectful’ and said that it never went down to him. The two tried a more heated tone of voice and Davi left the Fairy Room. But soon after he returned and spoke again about the term allegedly used by Matteus: “Take that word about me out of your mouth. If you continue to say that I am disrespectful, I will also say that you are disrespectful.”

Davi said he will no longer talk to Matteus

During the party, the two avoided contact throughout the night, but neither one’s name came out of the other’s mouth. Alane listened to each other’s sides and advised her friends to make peace. But Davi seemed far from digesting the hurt and went so far as to say that he no longer wanted to talk to the agricultural engineering student. For him, the gaucho has been analyzing his behavior for some time and intends to use it against him at the right time. Isabelle disagreed with her friend: “It’s just that I see that he likes you so much, Davi, that in my head I don’t see that atmosphere”, said the dancer.

Pitel: “Oh, big problem”

Even so, the Bahian said that he intends to continue with his normal routine, despite his distrust with Matteus: “These questions he brought up today left me feeling a little hesitant.” Meanwhile, Pitel went up to the Leader’s Room and used the Central to listen to the conversation. “Oh, it broke, huh. Wasn’t it the love group? Big problem”, commented the social worker.

Matteus reports his point of view

After the conversation with Davi, Alane also listened to Matteus’ side. The gaucho said that Davi “doesn’t like to be contradicted” and the dancer said again that the two need to talk and make peace. The student also said to Alane and Beatriz that he has already apologized and warned that he will not “suck it up”.
“I’m not going to let people trample on me in here,” declared Alegrete.

The brother even went back to venting about the situation with Davi and told Beatriz that he has a clear conscience:
“I don’t need to be dragging myself on the floor to please Davi. He is my friend, I love him well, but he also has to have a little humility.”

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