Sabrina Sato talks about pregnancy with her second child: “Right time”

Sabrina Sato spoke about pregnancy and gave her desire to become a mother again

Sabrina Sato currently 41 years old and married to Duda Nagle, she admitted that she wants to have more children. The presenter is already the mother of little Zoe and did not rule out the possibility of increasing the family, however, she guaranteed that she will let God’s will be done.

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According to “Notícias da TV”, the revelation took place during Rock In Rio, held last Saturday, August 3rd. Passing by the event, Sabrina Sato talked to some journalists and touched on the subject: “God is in charge. We are doing our part, but it is He who decides the right time”, evaluated the GNT star. With a busy life, the famous told how she has managed to balance her personal life with work.

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“Yesterday I started work at 6 am, stayed until noon shooting a commercial. Then I went for lunch and another event in the evening. Today I was up at 6:20 to take Zoe to school. Today I ended up late because it took me a while to get ready, I was waiting for her to sleep”, said Sabrina Sato. About the recent change of station, the artist showed joy with the new project.

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Sabrina Sato

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“I’m fulfilled, it’s been too much. I’m really happy. I’m getting more and more organized and working hard. I do it live every Wednesday. During the week, we start to prepare beforehand, study the agenda, everything to do. On top of everything, there’s Desapega, which I’m going to start recording the second season now”.

Sabrina Sato (Photo: Publicity)
Sabrina Sato (Photo: Publicity)

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