Justin Bieber cancels shows in Brazil and decision about Rock In Rio is announced


Justin Bieber cancels shows in Brazil and leaves doubts about Rock In Rio in the air (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Sunday’s main attraction (4), Justin bieber is one of the most anticipated names for the Rock In Rio 2022. The international star canceled some performances, including in Brazil, and left fans apprehensive about what will happen soon.

After being diagnosed with Ramsay Hunt Syndrome, which affects the face and auditory system, causing facial paralysis and other sequelae, the singer has prioritized his health.

The shows scheduled for September 14th and 15th in São Paulo started losing the meet & greetan event where fans pay extra to meet the idols.

Then, according to Leo Dias, from the Metrópoles newspaper, the event itself was canceled as a whole, with the allegation of mental and psychological care.

Justin Bieber’s presence at Rock In Rio is discussed

With that, the beliebers were afraid that Justin would not even appear at Rock In Rio, but he arrived in Brazil on Friday (2) with his entire team.

The only thing is that the start of Bieber’s performance will be advanced, around 11 pm. Baby’s interpreter wants to leave the country as soon as he finishes his performance, as he canceled the rest of the schedule.

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In addition to a setlist prepared for the Brazilian public, a surprise was promised. The artist also asked that his dressing room be mostly white, between decoration and furniture, in addition to the desire for Brazilian food.

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