Kate Middleton or Artificial Intelligence? Silent language expert gives verdict on cancer revelation video


The Princess of Wales’ silence following abdominal surgery in January caught the world’s attention. However, the controversy over the manipulated photo generated a huge uproar on the web and further increased theories that Kate Middleton and Prince William were facing something behind the spotlight. Soon after, the royal announced that she is facing cancer and that she is undergoing treatment.

In a live broadcast on YouTube, psychoanalyst Ricardo Ventura and digital expert Wanderson Castilho revealed signs in Kate Middleton’s body language during her video announcing her cancer, and the revelations were surprising.

“The burden of the royal family on society is very great and disease, anything affects the economy, and the feeling of the entire nation. So what they have to say has to be very well thought out that millions of people will feel” , reports Winderson.

Ricardo Ventura reveals details of the video

For Ricardo, the video is not made by artificial intelligence as there are some details in the scene that show that it is real, such as the flowers moving in the breeze, mosquitoes passing through the video and the strands of hair that surpassed a possible ‘cut’ by off Kate’s shoulder.

“Did she not record this message and then how her youthful image is still healthy and why I see this congruence in her speech with the reflection of her expressions? What was done there is difficult and calls it perfect (if it is artificial intelligence). Deep fake with her actual reactions. And then it would also be something plausible because it would match this congruence of sensations and feelings”. Comments Ricardo.

Finally, the psychoanalyst states that if Kate Middleton wanted to have artificial intelligence in her video, the princess would do so, as “the royal family is able to have the best editing programs in the world” and ends by stating that the video is true and that Kate’s health situation is “very serious”.

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