Carolina Dieckmann’s son draws attention when he appears with a different look

Carolina Dieckmann’s son draws attention when he appears with a different look
Carolina Dieckmann’s son draws attention when he appears with a different look

Davi, son of Carolina Dieckmann and Marcos Frota, appeared with a different look in a photo published by the actress on social media

The actress Carolina Dieckmann enchanted social media followers by sharing a rare click with her eldest son, David Frota24 years old, as a result of her relationship with the actor Marcos Frota.

In the photo posted on Instagram Stories, the artist and her heir appear in a movie theater, and the boy’s look caught attention. David appeared with long hair and a beard. In the caption of the image, the mother owl melts: “Love of my life”she declared.

In addition to Davi, Dieckmann is also the mother of José Worcman16 years old, the result of her relationship with Tiago Worcman, with whom she has been married for 16 years.

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Davi with Carol Dieckmann- Reproduction/Instagram
Carol Dieckmann shows her son – Reproduction/Instagram

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Carolina Dieckmann remembers the end of her marriage with Marcos Frota

Actress Carolina Dieckmann opened her heart and spoke a little about her personal life. In an interview with the podcast ‘Sorry for something’, the artist recalled the end of her marriage with actor Marcos Frota. The two announced their separation in 2004. During the chat with presenter Tati Bernardi, she detailed how she felt after ending her seven-year relationship with the celebrity.

“My separation with Marcos was very difficult. I was sadder than when I lost my mother. Separating is very difficult. Obviously losing a mother is much more serious, sadder, but losing a mother, you have nothing to do, she died. When you decide to separate, there’s a burden you have, a guilt… It’s not just suffering, there’s a weight”, he explained. Afterwards, Carolina Dieckmann confessed that she could no longer do anything to make the marriage continue and, therefore, chose to end it. Check out!

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