New Fernanda Montenegro? 5 times Rafa Kalimann became the subject of Family is Everything


For better or worse, Rafa Kalimann is attracting attention in Family is Everything. The interpreter of the villain Jéssica is among the main topics of the 7pm soap opera. In the repercussions, there are those who defend the influencer’s performance, new to soap operas, and also those who criticize the newcomer’s performance.

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The fact is that the new actress is giving something to talk about. Check out, below, five moments in which she was the main subject of the plot:

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Before the premiere

Even before Family is Everything premiered, the casting of Rafa Kalimann in one of the main roles in the story caused controversy. Many pointed out that the choice would come from the girl’s popularity as an influencer and ex-BBB, not because of her talent or trajectory as an actress. She, however, has refuted the criticism in interviews, stressing that she has dedicated the last few years to artistic training.

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“I didn’t take the DRT [registro profissional de atriz] from night to day. I actually presented my documentation. I worked and sweated a lot. (…) Don’t underestimate what I can offer in my work. I have strived for this. Maybe I’m not the best in the world right now, but I’ll continue to strive and become professional for this, as I do with everything.”

Rafa Kalimann in an interview with Splash, last year

First call

Immediately in the Family is Everything calls, Rafa Kalimann had already become a topic. The actress’s first appearance as Jéssica had just one line and it was enough to divide opinions. “Natural successor to Fernanda Montenegro”, joked an internet user at the time.

Clashes with Electra and other characters

The soap opera started in March, and the public was finally able to really evaluate the celebrity’s performance. The first scenes with Luca (Jayme Matarazzo) already required some drama, but it was the first clash with Electra (Juliana Paiva) that went viral on social media.

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Outbreak last Saturday

Rafa’s potential as an actress came back into focus last Saturday (30), with the sequence in which Jéssica freaks out about the possibility of losing Luca to Electra. The villain cried, made a fuss and broke objects. “Wonderful” for some, but “a robot” for the haters.

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