Hospitalized, Anderson Leonardo presents ‘clinical and laboratory improvement’


The singer Anderson Leonardofrom the group Squishy, had his health status updated this Monday, April 1st. According to the new medical bulletin, the artist showed clinical and laboratory improvement.

Anderson, who is 52 years old, has been hospitalized since March 24th in a hospital in Rio de Janeiro, due to treatment he carries out against a rare inguinal cancer.


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“Unimed-Rio Hospital informs that Anderson de Oliveira continues to be treated for an infectious condition with intravenous antibiotics, showing clinical and laboratory improvement. The patient is awake, breathing room air and eating orally.”reported the bulletin signed by Luiz Fernando Nogueira Simvoulidismedical director of the hospital.

Last Wednesday (27), Members of the Molejo group visited their friend in the hospital. There, Anderson interacted with his colleagues: “He improved, he stayed awake longer. He talked to the boys in the group,” said musician Andrezinho.

Anderson Leonardo with the members of Molejo in September 2023 (Photo: Instagram)

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