Jojo Todynho shows off her tiny waist in a photo at the gym, is accused of using Photoshop and gives a controversial answer: ‘She must be blind’


Jojo Todynho currently with almost 50 kilos lost Since his bariatric surgery in August last year, he has left many people shocked by his weight loss. The singer, also involved in an alleged case of assault at college, caused a stir on the web again with a new photo.

That’s because Jojo Todynho started the month of April by dedicating himself to training. In addition to swimming and tennis, sports that she practices combined with the gym, the singer is also taking boxing classes – which she was even invited by Cariúcha for a fight.

However, his most recent post on social media indicates that not everyone has been happy with his progress in training. On the afternoon of this Monday (01), the ‘Fazenda’ champion posted a photo at the gym wearing a purple jumpsuit very tight to her body and her very thin waistwhich always wins praise, became the target of criticism.

You really inspire, you didn’t need to edit your waist, you already look amazing! (You can see the distortion in the straight line of the door), said an internet user, accusing her of Photoshopping the photo. Without mincing his tongue, Jojo Todynho detonated in response:

“Zooming in, daughter, you must be blind, you’ve never taken a photo from the bottom up,” wrote the singer, followed by internet users defending her against the accusation. The controversial photo is attached in the gallery. Check out!

Jojo Todynho reveals how much he currently weighs

In a recent appearance on ‘Mais Você’, Jojo Todynho revealed that he had lost almost 50 kilos in recent months, driven by bariatric surgery. The singer weighed 100 kilos at the time and even revealed the secrets to losing weight.

But, not satisfied, the TV Globo contractor wants more. In a recent post on her Instagram, Jojo appeared only in panties and a bra showing off her body from different angles, celebrating having lost even more weight:

“And let’s celebrate these 99 kg! Oh, my God! Just disbelieve me! I’ll be super, hyper, mega-happy”, mocked Jojo Todynho.

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