Eduardo Costa’s thinness shocks internet users again: ‘He could only be sick’

Eduardo Costa’s thinness shocks internet users again: ‘He could only be sick’
Eduardo Costa’s thinness shocks internet users again: ‘He could only be sick’

Letícia Senai

Letícia Sena –

01/04/2024 – 13:02

The singer Eduardo Costa, 45, who at the beginning of March shocked many people by appearing unrecognizable on social media, has once again attracted attention for her excessive thinness. In a video shared on a fan’s Instagram, the country singer appears to have announced a show schedule, but what stole the show was him appearing even thinner.

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+Eduardo Costa opens up and talks about excessive thinness: ‘I lost 20kg with the help of a professional’

“My God, it’s very different,” said one internet user. “’He’s got to be sick,” said another. “He’s very thin, this can’t be normal,” commented a third.

Watch the video:

‘I lost 20kg with the help of a professional’

Wanted by This is PeopleEduardo Costa was succinct when talking about his weight loss process.

“I lost 20kg. As I am short, being overweight was making a difference to my performance. My weight gain started during the pandemic, when I stopped going to the gym, moved to a farm with my wife and children, and gained a lot of weight”, begins the singer.

Costa also claims that he had the help of a serious professional. “The treatment was carried out by Dr. Bernardo Guimarães from Belo Horizonte. My wife accompanied me and encouraged me. I followed the same protocols she does to stay in good shape,” she adds.


Our reporter spoke with the nutritionist Fernanda Cortez, which explained what could have made singer Eduardo Costa lose so much weight. “When I broach the topic of healthy weight loss with my patients, I emphasize the importance of a lifestyle change. This process begins with a thorough assessment, usually conducted by a doctor, to identify habits that may be contributing to weight gain.”

“We carry out a comprehensive anamnesis, analyzing eating habits, stress levels, anxiety, disposition, work and eating patterns, in order to understand the roots of the problem and solve it effectively”, continues the professional.

“In addition, it is essential to perform comprehensive blood tests to understand metabolism, hormone levels, vitamin deficiencies and inflammation, allowing for more effective treatment focused on the cause of weight gain”, he adds.

The singer may have created an individualized meal plan, in collaboration with a nutritionist, taking into account his lifestyle, routine, nutritional deficiencies and specific needs. This plan may include replacement of vitamins, minerals and even strategies for gaining or losing muscle mass, depending on the patient’s goals.

In addition to nutrition, incorporate an exercise routine. Physical activity not only increases calorie expenditure, but also speeds up metabolism. Bodybuilding, often neglected, plays a crucial role in this process, as it keeps the metabolism active even after training, promoting calorie burning and muscle strengthening.

It is important to highlight that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, and we should avoid fad diets or taking over-the-counter medication. Professional guidance, combined with regular checkups, is essential to ensure safe and effective progress towards health and wellbeing goals.”

Good supplementation can also be recommended, complementing each patient’s individual nutritional needs. We cannot forget the importance of adequate sleep, hydration and good intestinal function, which are fundamental pillars for achieving goals in a healthy and sustainable way.

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