Datena confesses problem due to illness: “Increasingly”

Presenter revealed that he had to change his diet

José Luiz Datena confessed to having a problem due to a disease that has been affecting him for years. During the traditional window conversation with presenter Catia Fonseca, the anchor of “Brasil Urgente” opened his heart and said that he feels sick when eating in restaurants, that is, when eating out.

In the chat with the broadcaster, the presenter revealed that he had to change his diet about three decades ago. The change, according to Datena, made him not miss sugar, as well as foods with excess salt.

“There are so many diabetic people, but with today’s diet you almost don’t notice. I’ve been eating for over 30 years, [alimentos] sugar-free and low-salt, almost no salt at all,” Datena said.

Because of his eating habits, the band’s contractor said that when he eats outside the house, he immediately feels sick. “I don’t see any difference when I eat food the way I have to. Now when I go to a restaurant, when I put the food in my mouth, I feel sick right away. It’s getting closer and closer to sugar.”.

The presenter revealed that the problem is so serious that it has already made him go through a moment of tension. According to Datena, he once needed to be rescued and that he needed to eat something high in sugar. “The other day I had hypoglycemia. The blood glucose dropped, I had to drink one of those soft drinks that have a lot of sugar, I didn’t like the taste anymore. I prefer diet. It’s an impressive business,” revealed the presenter.

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The journalist uses medication for diabetes, but said that proper nutrition is necessary in these cases. “You adapt and it has to be through food. Medicines help, of course, but if you don’t maintain a proper diet, the complications of diabetes are really terrible”, said Datena.

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