They started by selling juices and today they earn R$ 5 million

They started by selling juices and today they earn R$ 5 million
They started by selling juices and today they earn R$ 5 million

Gustavo and Suzana Dinamarco

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Where some only see problems, others find opportunities. Until 2009, Sucos S/A was a bankrupt kiosk in Araçatuba-SP. It only sold juices and had little movement. This is where the partners Gustavo and Suzana Dinamarco enter the scene. And the story began to change.

It is first necessary to remember that, before founding Sucos S/A, Gustavo went bankrupt twice and had to resort to a family loan. In the rear, Suzana sold chocolates to help with the bills. When they acquired the first kiosk from Sucos S/A, in a shopping center in Araçatuba, the idea was to supplement their income.

“It was a plan B. But over time, the business took on greater proportions than we imagined”, says Gustavo.

The changes that led to the franchising regime

Faced with the new challenge, the couple standardized the product mix, polished the Sucos S/A brand and invested in stock optimization. In 2017, the couple already had eight stores of their own in the interior of São Paulo, including street points, malls and even supermarkets. Then it was time to become a franchise.

“It was the way we found to grow quickly, without having to make large investments out of our pockets”, explains Suzana.

In 2018, the first store as a franchise was born in Minas Gerais and, along with it, another innovation: the “mount your salad”, in which the customer could customize the ingredients of the dish. The bet was so successful that it completely transformed the philosophy of the business.

“After nine years with just drinks and açaí, we started to position ourselves as a healthy food restaurant”, says Gustavo.

Growth even during the pandemic

In 2021, in the midst of a pandemic, the company increased its revenue by 50%. Today, Sucos S/A has a total of 11 stores in operation in São Paulo and Minas Gerais. Reaching R$ 5 million in revenue in 2021, the franchise plans to open 10 more units by the end of the year and expand to regions such as Paraná and Rio de Janeiro.

“With the pandemic, people’s concern with healthy eating and well-being has increased. We feel this demand, invest in our business and offer the products that our customers are looking for at a fair and affordable price”, concludes Gustavo.

To acquire a franchise of Sucos S/A, the investment starts at R$ 105 thousand. The stipulated payback period is between 22 and 30 months, depending on the chosen model.

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