You won’t believe what Nubank announced for Brazilians

You won’t believe what Nubank announced for Brazilians
You won’t believe what Nubank announced for Brazilians

O Nubank has consolidated its position as one of the most renowned digital banks in Brazil. However, there were questions about the solidity and reliability of this fintech.

Contrary to doubts, Nubank recently surprised by reaching the Top 3 companies with the highest market value in the countrysurpassing traditional institutions such as Banco do Brasil, Bradesco and Santander.

Nubank in the financial elite

In a significant advance, the shares of fintech closed with an appreciation of 0.51%, reaching the highest value so far, quoted at US$ 11.85 on the Nasdaq. This growth, of approximately 16% in the last month, increased Nubank’s market value to US$56.19 billion, placing it behind only Petrobras and Itaú.

Notable appreciation

While companies such as Petrobras and Vale faced declines in their market values, Nubank saw its value increase significantly, with an increase of US$17.8 billion in its market valuation during the year, marking one of the highest valuations among Brazilian companies .

Ranking of the most valuable Brazilian companies

According to an analysis by Elos Ayta Consultoria, the leader in the market value ranking is Petrobras, with US$93.4 billion, followed by Itaú, with US$62.7 billion.

Nubank occupies third position, ahead of companies like Vale and Ambev. The drop in Vale’s value was attributed to uncertainty in its leadership succession and concerns about political interference.

See below the ranking of the 10 most valuable companies in Brazil:

  1. Petrobras: US$93.44 billion;
  2. Itau Unibanco: US$62.69 billion;
  3. Nu Holdings: US$56.19 billion;
  4. Worth: US$52.43 billion;
  5. Ambev S/A: US$39.22 billion;
  6. Btgp Banco: US$34.36 billion;
  7. Weg: US$32.29 billion;
  8. Banco do Brasil: US$31.64 billion;
  9. Bradesco: US$28.27 billion;
  10. Santander Brasil: US$20.90 billion.

This panorama reflects the rise of Nubank in the Brazilian financial sector, standing out not only for its digital innovation, but also for its growth in value in the market.

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