XSpaces implements virtual relationship solution – Capitalist

XSpaces implements virtual relationship solution – Capitalist
XSpaces implements virtual relationship solution – Capitalist

Visiting decorated rooms, going to sales centers, consulting real estate agencies and distributing folders via WhatsApp are about to become a thing of the past, thanks to the initiative of a startup based in Maringá, in the northwest of Paraná. The company has developed technology that will allow property buyers to make choices from floor plans to decoration, all through virtual reality glasses.

“With advances in Artificial Intelligence and the arrival of new mixed reality glasses, such as Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro, the journey of purchasing a property will undergo an unprecedented transformation in our history”, highlights Ricardo Matiello, CEO by XSpaces.

XSpaces is developing a multimodal technology platform for construction companies and developers. The first phase of the platform, which will offer properties for sale through augmented reality, is scheduled to begin this first half of the year. Subsequent phases will include everything from decoration to after-sales.

Virtual reality

In the proposed model, buyers can “enter” the desired property, choose the floor plan configuration, textures, flooring, finishes and then select furniture from any store and assemble the entire decoration in real time. When finished, with a simple click, the apartment will be completely decorated, all within a virtual reality simulation, providing an immersive experience that makes it seem like the buyer was actually there.

Furthermore, when the construction company or developer schedules delivery of the property, it will be exactly as configured by the buyer, whether with the help of an architect, Artificial Intelligence or done individually.

“That dream apartment will be ready to live in, with all the furniture, decoration and appliances installed, without the need to schedule appointments with companies, manage access to the project or worry about schedules”, explains Matiello.

Mixed reality

The technology developed by the startup will also allow the chosen property to be interactive and intelligent. The devices developed will be able, for example, to identify locations for installing air conditioning or fixing panels, acting as mixed reality, seeing through walls to identify pipes and even monitoring energy consumption in real time.

“Condominium meetings will no longer be a problem when a resident is absent, as they can take place in a virtual environment, where residents can test and choose between condominium improvement projects, simulating the use of these spaces before the works even begin”, comments Matiello .

Other possibilities

With this technology, it will be possible, for example, to visit football stadiums, supermarkets, try on clothes, all from the comfort of your sofa, through the services offered by the construction company or developer itself in its own “Virtual Business and Entertainment Environment”, accessible through the mixed reality glasses provided at the time of purchasing the property.

According to Marcos Soares, responsible for New Business at the startup, although XSpaces started its operations in Brazil, it is preparing to enter the North American market, with initial conversations already held in Texas, where it hopes to begin operations in 2025, followed by for expansion into other countries.

“The ability to transform homes into highly technological, interactive and personalized environments not only redefines the value of a property, but also raises expectations about consumer demands, where the potential to redefine this market is as vast as the human imagination allows” , he concludes.

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