“Hidden” stars and planets may appear during eclipses; know when


A total solar eclipse will occur on April 8, visible to countries in North America, while Brazil remains out. During the phenomenon, celestial bodies will display details normally obscured by light.

Total eclipse occurs next Monday (8)

Photo: Justin Dickey/Unsplash

One total solar eclipse will take place on April 8th, being visible to some residents of the Mexico, USA It is Canada. During the phenomenon, the shadow of the Moon in certain regions will completely cover the Sunpromising darkness in broad daylight.

Although Brazil will be left out of the cosmic event, the configuration of the sky during the eclipse promises to provide beautiful photos, as details normally obscured by sunlight will be able to appear and stand out.

For example, Venusfor its luminosity, and Jupiterstanding out due to its position close to the lower right corner of the Sun, will be easily visible to observers located in the eclipse shadow band.

MarsSaturn, west of the Sun, and Mercury, to the east, should also appear in the sky, in addition to the star Sirius, in the southeast of the sky.

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Eclipse caused alert

Hundreds of schools in the USA will temporarily close due to the event in the skies.

Authorities fear that the darkness caused by the eclipse could pose risks to students and other local residents, as there is an expectation of an increase in the flow of people moving to areas suitable for observing the event.

Furthermore, some regions are concerned about the response capacity of emergency services to the large influx of spectators. During eclipses, eye injuries can occur in those who observe the phenomenon directly, under the illusion that the light rays are weaker.

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