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The Queen of the South is canceled on Netflix and the reason is revealed

The Queen of the South is canceled on Netflix and the reason is revealed
The Queen of the South is canceled on Netflix and the reason is revealed

Fans were delighted when Netflix announced that it would make the fifth season of the queen of the south. However, the happiness ended when they found out that this would also be the last season of the series.

Despite not having any direct relationship with the cancellation, it was through Netflix that many fans got to know the queen of the south. In the series we follow Tereza Mendoza, a Mexican who learned to fend for herself since she was little, including financially.

However, when her drug dealer boyfriend is murdered, she leaves as a refugee in the US. However, she remains determined to win in her own way. To do so, she will have to form new alliances, unseat an influential criminal and thus take over a powerful drug cartel.

The series is inspired by the production starring Kate Del Castillo, called La Reina del Sur. However, the American version gained huge popularity. But if you’re wondering why the queen of the south

was cancelled, here’s what we know.

the reason for the queen of the south be canceled

When the fourth season of the queen of the south ended, fans discovered that the fifth would be the last. However, it was initially speculated that it was a drop in ratings. After all, the fourth season registered 20% less viewers. Even so, it was still one of the most popular series on the USA Network channel.

To The Hollywood ReporterFrances Berwick, CEO of USA Network said:

“For five incredible seasons, the series has captivated us with brilliant stories and bold, powerful characters”

And added:

“We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this incredible team of creators, cast and crew, along with our studio partners at 20th Television and UCP. As we wrap up this final chapter, we look forward to a great season that culminates in a finale that will give our fans the ending they deserve.”

Therefore, the decision to cancel the queen of the south it was exclusively for a reformulation in the service grid.

Same happened with other programs

As we mentioned earlier, one of the reasons that led the series to be closed is precisely a change in direction of the USA Network channel. That is, the channel will no longer invest in dramas. O newsweek recalls that, in the same period, The Queen of the South, The Sinner and Dirty John were the only original dramas.

However, all three productions came to an end. That way, the channel has no more original dramas left. Not even the series Chucky, which the channel shared with Syfy, will have its second season aired by the channel.

Netflix could save the queen of the south?

As usual, many of the fans question whether Netflix could take over the queen of the south. Technically, the answer is yes. However, since “Don’t provoke” failed in ratings, Netflix chose not to retrieve series from the channel.

Image: Publicity/Usa Network

In addition, everything indicates that the series has received a definitive conclusion. More than a year after the series ended, no word has been given about it. To Deadline, co-showrunner Dailyn Rodriguez spoke about the series’ ending:

“I felt an enormous peace, ending the series and an enormous amount of beauty. I think this show can be so dark and violent and sad, on so many levels, and it starts in a very sad way. place, with what happens to Teresa in the pilot. There’s so much poetry, and beauty, ending the series in this sunny, beautiful place that’s unlike anything we’ve seen before on the series… I think this ending is very, very emotionally satisfying, and I hope the audience feels the same way.”

So, did you like the end of The Queen of the South?

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