Eliana was not the first presenter to ”duel” for the Ibope on Sundays

Guilherme Beraldo

8 hours ago – updated: 01 Sep 2022 at 9:26

Eliana continues the old, untrue story that she was the first woman to enter the Sunday audience ‘war’. O ‘Here’s gossip‘ will continue to speak the truth. Hebe even hosted Sunday shows in the 1970s.

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Xuxa had at least three programs on Sundays, including the little-remembered “Bobeou Dançou”, in the late 80s. Almost in the 2000s, Carla Perez presented, on Sundays, “Fantasia”, on the same SBT and then “Canta e Dança My people”. Dercy Gonçalves also had a program on Sundays for three years on Globo, between 1967 and 1970. On Band, Márcia Goldschmidt also had a program on Sunday. In addition to missing the truth, Eliana needs to recognize that to get where she is, several women went through the most competitive day on TV.


Between March 1999 and June 2000, Eliana led ”Eliana no Parque”, a generic of ”Domingo no Parque” presented by Silvio Santos.

In 2005, she won the “Tudo é Possível” award and started to fight with Faustão, Gugu and limited company. Four years later, she signed with SBT, a broadcaster she still has.

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