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Ana Maria Braga received Pitel at “Café com Eliminado” this Wednesday (03). However, it was not the words of the now former “BBB24” participant that caused surprise, but rather a comment made by the presenter about Beatriz. During the conversation, the communicator displayed a Moça do Brás attitude and detonated it when questioning the guest about what happened.

The Globo hire began by reflecting on the unfriendly relationship between the sisters and highlighted a moment that makes this feud evident. “If we look back, the coexistence between you and Bia became increasingly difficult as the days went by. House. There was a day when you and Lucas were chatting outside, you weren’t even gossiping much, just talking about life and the house, then Bia arrived”said Ana Maria.

When watching the video in which Beatriz appears singing loudly to disrupt the conversation between Pitel and Lucas, the presenter admitted that she was uncomfortable. “People from heaven, I think everything is so delicate there… So, when something like this happens, it must make you nervous, right? I kept imagining it and saying it wasn’t possible.”continued the blonde.


Upon listening to Ana Maria’s words, Pitel commented on the episode: “You know, one of the things I pointed out about Bia is her mockery. I can’t deal with it because I think it’s childish. As I couldn’t deal with it, I preferred to ignore it.”. Afterwards, the presenter questioned the ex-BBB again and took a dig at Bia’s behavior.

“But do you think this is part of a strategy? Furthermore, is this whole thing, including this joke she pulled on you, not for her to pursue her goal?”asked the companion Louro Mané. “For sure. She likes the clash, because the clash is the certainty that the camera is on you.”replied Pitel.

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