5 couples who stay together at the end of the soap opera


From the beginning, the remake of They For Them went through several adaptations in relation to the original plot, shown in 1982. These changes will also happen at the end of the soap opera, mainly involving the outcome of 5 couples who didn’t end up together in the first version and who will now have a happy ending.

Check out below which couples will be together at the end of Elas por Elas:


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1. Isis and Giovanni

In the original version of Elas por Elas, shown in 1982, Gil (Lauro Corona) – equivalent to Giovanni in the remake – fell in love with Mirian (Tássia Camargo) – renamed to Isis – as soon as he met her. During the course of the plot, however, they discover that they were changed in the maternity ward and suffer from the interference and opposition of other characters. In the last chapters, they travel together, without making a commitment, leaving the end open. In the remake, it seems, Isis (Rayssa Bratillieri) It is Giovanni (Filipe Bragança) they must end together and happy.

2. Carol and Natalia

Carol (Karine Teles) It is Natália (Mariana Santos) star in an unprecedented relationship in the remake of Elas por Elas. As the plot approaches its conclusion, nerd will invite the photographer to share his life in Canada, culminating in the revelation of the protagonists’ wedding to everyone involved. Unlike the original version, where they were just friends, in the remake, the dynamic evolves into a loving relationship.

In the original plot, Carolwhich was called Marlene and was performed by Mila Moreira (1946-2021), was involved with Juca (Carlos Gregório). Meanwhile, Natália became involved with Decius, the psychiatrist who helped her investigate her brother’s murder. However, in the remake, the doctor changed gender, becoming Lígia (Paula Burlamaqui).

3. Adriana and Jonas

In 1982, the novel by Adriana (Esther Góes) with Jayme (Carlos Zara) was censored – since he was married to Helena (Aracy Balabanian). During the Military Dictatorship (1964-1985), soap operas were prohibited from portraying adultery. In the plot, the businessman never even separated from the villain.

In the remake, the couple’s story will have a very different ending. Thus, Adriana (Thalita Carauta) It is Jonas (Matthew Solano) they will finally have a happy and exciting ending to the plot.

4. Renée and Wagner

In the remake of Elas por Elas, Renée (Maria Clara Spinelli) decided to forgive Wagner (César Mello), helped him with hepatitis C treatment and agreed to marry him again. In the original version of the plot, the two did not stay together.

In the 1982 story, Wagner it was actually called Rubãoplayed by Ivan CândidoIt is Renee was called Carmem (Maria Helena Dias). At the time, the boy died after being run over in chapter 108. Widowed, Carmem ended up staying with her brother-in-law, Renê (Reginaldo Faria).

Renée and Wagner (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

5. Mario and Lara

Another couple who will be together at the end of Elas por Elas is Mario (Lázaro Ramos) It is Lara (Déborah Secco). In recent scenes, the detective asked his beloved to marry him and she accepted: “I accept, I accept every day of my life. I want to share the good life with you”he declared.

In the original version, the madam, who was called Márcia (Eva Wilma) ended up with Mário Fofoca (Luis Gustavo)after realizing that he was too pure for a woman like her.

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