Pitel says she wants to talk to Buddha about being watched by him

Pitel says she wants to talk to Buddha about being watched by him
Pitel says she wants to talk to Buddha about being watched by him

Buddha when he watched Pitel through Central do Líder – Reproduction/Globoplay

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This Monday (1st), Lucas Henrique, the Buddha of BBB 24, remembered a day when he watched Giovanna Pitel enjoying the pool in the most watched house in Brazil by Central do Líder and the social worker said she wants to talk about this issue with him when the two leave confinement.

It all started when the teacher invited the girl from Alagoas to cool off outside and she refused. “I don’t want to, I already have a lot of swimming pool TV”, she claimed. “There really is, I saw one that lasted 1 and a half minutes these days”, said the capoeirista, who spied on his sister while she was leading the reality show.

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“I want to talk to you about it later, out of here”, warned Giovanna Pitel. The scene mentioned by Lucas Henrique happened on the 4th, when the brother was accessing the Leader Central in the most popular room in the house and saw that the social worker was taking advantage of the outside area of ​​the house. He ended up putting on a swim trunks and going over to her to sunbathe in the pool.

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When he found his sister, Buda told him what he saw in the images that the reality production made available. The moment he turned on the “monitoring system”, he was able to observe that the cameras showed the Alagoas woman’s butt from different angles, for about a minute and a half.

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BBB 24: Buddha was brave and revealed what he saw to Pitel

When joining Giovanna Pitel in the BBB 24 pool, Buda didn’t hold his tongue when revealing what he saw on camera: “When the time was up, I went back to Magia and they were hugging. It wasn’t interesting for me to hear. And it was a minute and a half showing you, showing your ass from every angle.”

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The social worker was visibly embarrassed, but asked if she looked pretty in the images and received a positive response from her friend. Out here, Camila Moura, who is separating from the capoeirista, reacted: “He’s very attentive! That’s not flirting! Imagine! A married man looking at all the curves of a woman and then telling her he was watching! Camila ‘ that really exaggerates.”

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