After The Grand Illusion, Netflix presents Harlan Coben’s next series (with the same star for the 4th time) – Series News

After The Grand Illusion, Netflix presents Harlan Coben’s next series (with the same star for the 4th time) – Series News
After The Grand Illusion, Netflix presents Harlan Coben’s next series (with the same star for the 4th time) – Series News

Netflix is ​​currently showcasing its upcoming projects. This includes the latest film adaptation from Harlan Coben and its cast.

In recent years, the Netflix quietly built an entire universe of Harlan Coben film adaptations. The American author’s stories are not only very popular in print. Series adaptations are also devoured by fans.

It was only at the beginning of the year that The Grand Illusion was at the top of the Netflix charts for weeks. Now, Coben’s next cosmos project has been announced. This is the suspense series Que Miss Você Me Faz, which is based on the 2014 novel of the same name. The original title is Missing You.

New Harlan Coben series on Netflix

Netflix revealed Coben’s new series at a UK programming preview. The story revolves around detective Kat Donovan. Eleven years ago, her fiancé Josh disappeared without a trace. But then, after all this time, she discovers him on a dating app – or at least his face.

Is it really Josh? Or did someone steal his identity? Kat takes a closer look and is shocked to discover that her former love is the prime suspect in a murder case. She then embarks on her own search for the truth in order to find redemption.

Rosalind Eleazar (Slow Horses) takes on the lead role and can be seen in all five episodes of the miniseries. We can also expect the return of an actor who has already appeared in three different Coben adaptations on Netflix: Richard Armitage, known as Thorin Oakenshield from the Hobbit films.

Before I Miss You, Armitage starred in Don’t Talk to Strangers and Stand by Me. He was also an important part of the ensemble in the series The Grand Illusion, which was released this year. It’s as if Netflix wouldn’t greenlight a Coben series if Armitage’s name wasn’t on the call sheet.

It’s important to emphasize at this point that Armitage plays a different role in each series. Although the film adaptations are based on the same author, they are not linked in terms of content in the same way as the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, for example. Therefore, you can watch What I Miss You Make Me Without any prior knowledge.

In addition to Eleazar and Armitage, the cast of I Miss You includes Jessica Plummer (EastEnders), Steve Pemberton (Happy Valley), Paul Kaye (Sexy Beast), Samantha Spiro (Sex Education), Lisa Faulkner (Archie) and Mary Malone (Doctor Who). It is Coben’s ninth film adaptation on Netflix in total.

What I Miss You: When will Coben’s new series start?

So far, there is no specific start date for Que Miss Você Me Faz. However, given the production pace Netflix is ​​setting for the Coben series, it’s quite possible we could expect a start date before the end of the year. Filming has been underway in the UK for a few weeks now.

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