BBB 24: Fernanda criticizes Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama’s stance: ‘Take a look’

BBB 24: Fernanda criticizes Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama’s stance: ‘Take a look’
BBB 24: Fernanda criticizes Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama’s stance: ‘Take a look’

During an interview on ‘Bate-Papo BBB’ with Thais Fersoza and Ed Gama, Fernanda draws attention when she criticizes the presenters’ stance

During his participation in ‘Bate-Papo BBB’ with Thais Fersoza It is Ed Gama, Fernanda he carried out another of his famous ‘outbursts’ when he criticized the conduct of the presenters. Eliminated from ‘Big Brother Brasil 24′, the baker was present at the interview, but expressed discomfort with the commanders’ attitude.

While revisiting her career on the Globo reality show, Fernanda revealed that she received a ‘look’ from the presenters, and therefore, she came to reevaluate her stance during the interview: “It’s because I didn’t know if I could talk before that, because after you showed the other video it looks like I did something wrong, you can take a look like this”, he said.

So I said, ‘damn, Fernanda. Let’s think about what to say first”, the confectioner said that she began to analyze more before speaking in the interview. Although the observation was made in a good-humored way, characteristic of Rio, it provoked some yellow smiles with the statement. Afterwards, Thais and Ed tried to justify themselves.

Say everything, here you can say everything”, the presenter burst into laughter at the baker’s sincerity and tried to alleviate the situation. “Exactly, we are here to listen same”, the wife of Michel Telo also tried to get around the climate and even pointed to indicate that the program’s production team was ready to listen to the baker.

Fernanda speaking to Ed Gama and Thaís Fersoza’s face can really give her opinion, as they both gave her dirty looks.

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On social media, the Rio native’s attitude divided opinions among the public. While some considered the note disrespectful, others justified the ex-sister’s discomfort: “Fernanda has the charisma that presenters lack”, said an admirer on X, the old Twitter. “I love how spontaneous she is”, another exalted.

It is worth remembering that this was not the only unusual situation during the interview. At another point, the presenters showed memes for the baker. But while Fernanda burst into laughter with one of the viral edits alongside Ed, Thais was seen with her cell phone next to her ear and received criticism on social media for touching the device during the show.

Fernanda reveals regret after elimination:

Although Thais Fersoza’s call stole the show, Fernanda also impressed when reflecting on her participation in the reality show shortly after leaving Big Brother Brasil 24. In an interview with ‘Bate-Papo BBB’, the confectioner revealed one of her biggest regrets and he even admitted to having acted in a “low” way during his stay in the most watched house in Brazil.

While watching some of her controversial comments on the program during the conversation with Ed Gama and Thais Fersoza, Fernanda expressed regret. In fact, the baker made a point of highlighting that she no longer agrees with his controversial statements: “Being there is crazy. The perception is different. How I see myself here is another matter”, he began.

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